Fortnite Season 11: Start Time, Battle Pass, New Maps, Theme, And Everything You Need To Know

Fortnite Season 11: Start Time, Battle Pass, New Maps, Theme, And Everything You Need To Know
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Fortnite Season 10 has been a disappointment for the Battle Royale fans despite how promising it looked at the start. The overpowered mechs, poorly thought out skill-based matchmaking, imbalanced new features, among other issues pinned it down.

Now, fans are waiting for the release of Fortnite Season 11 and also, the Overtime Challenges. Will it be a hit or a miss?

Fortnite Season 11 Release Time
Although Fortnite season X was supposed to be over by now, Epic Games announced that Season 10 would be concluded on October 13.

This timing is unusual because first, it will be on a Sunday, and the previous events were scheduled on a weekday. Second, the conclusion of Fortnite season X will take place just before the release of a new season, and fans will be looking forward to it.

Fortnite Season 11 aims at pulling a completely new story-line. Generally, everything will be fresh with the possibility of a new map dubbed Fortnite Island. Expect 7-8 skins with unlockable styles, and Tier 100 skin to work towards.

Since Epic Games releases teasers on social media four days before the main launch, expect to be in the know of what this season will be all about from October 9.

Fortnite Season 11 New Map
One main change Epic Games has made in Fortnite Season 11 is the introduction of a new map. Dubbed Fortune island, it will tag along with new names of some POIs found in the game’s files. These include beachy Bluffs, Camp Cod, Frenzy Farm, Holly Hedges, Lazy Lake, Dirty Docks, Mountain Meadows, Power Plant, Sunny Shores, and many more. There will also be the introduction of bots too to help new players.

Fortnite Season 11 Battle Pass
Fortnite Season 11 will probably have moderate “Missions” and a deluge of challenges compared to Season 10. Also, this season might feature too much busywork to maintain player retention. The Battle Pass should cost 950 V-Bucks as always. Next season’s battle pass will be more affordable if you save up all the V-Bucks earned from the previous.

What to Expect
Fortnight season 10 was the worst season to date, and there is hope Season 11 will up the game once more. Although fans might be cautiously optimistic, the introduction of bots and a fresh start should help by giving Fortnite the boost it needs. No game can remain on top forever, but let us hope Epic Games will reclaim its lost glory.

Fortnite had been on top of the ladder until the release of Season 10 which backfired and accelerated its downfall. Hopefully, Season 11 will be a comeback for the award-winning game.