Falcon Age Is A New Game Where Your Best Friend Is A Bird And Together You Battle Robots

Falcon Age Is A New Game Where Your Best Friend Is A Bird And Together You Battle Robots
Credit: Outerloop Games

It is not often that a game pairs you with such an awesome feathery best friend. This game, you must battle against an every growing robot faction that wants to eradicate your entire world, but you are not alone. At your side, the entire time is a young falcon, and it quickly becomes your best friend.

Falcon Age is an anti-colonial tale about adventures with your bird as your battle to defend your family and culture.  The game does have heavy use in VR taking advantage of modern technology to let you do a lot more than simply battle your way through the world. You also have to care for a lovely falcon that has befriended you.

This game was released in April of this year but did not get a lot of attention immediately. Outerloop Games has made smart use of the tools available, and it shows as the sudden interest in this game has grown. Fans say that the growth is because of the bird which spends most of the game on your hand waiting to be interacted with.

This is not a VR exclusive and can easily be explored without the extra technology. If you have the option though playing it on VR is a much better experience as it increases the ways you engage with the came and the controls you have access to.

Fans say that playing with the bird companion makes it feel almost like a co-op game. The landscape is expansive and beautiful, and you and your feathered friend must work together to make your way through it.

The story is a tale about resistance. From your auntie who chastises you to the robot overlords who are ready to get rid of you, the game is about resisting and surviving. The conversations are well written, and many fans find themselves caring for their bird friend more than they initially expected.

The falcon is more than a friend as you can dress her up and direct her in combat. She can knock over machinery and distract enemies while you sneak up and bash in their heads. Do not forget to feed her as simply pointing can send her away to go hunt for you.

Falcon Age is available on PlayStation 4 and Steam. It can be played in both VR mode, using PSVR or the Oculus Rift, or can simply be experienced through a Dualshock controller. So it is time for you to rise up and defeat the growing wave of robotic foes.