All The Games Coming To Nintendo Next Week, September 10, Blasphemous, Atomic Heist, Ellen, Rest in Pieces

All The Games Coming To Nintendo Next Week, September 10, Blasphemous, Atomic Heist, Ellen, Rest in Pieces
Credit: Kotaku

Japanese videogame company Nintendo has revealed all the games that will be dropping on their Nintendo Switch platform next week, starting September 10. A total of 20 games, cutting across most of the genres will be available on the handheld console. 

September 10

On Tuesday, Blasphemous, a 2D gorgeous gothic action-platformer developed by The Game Kitchen, will be released. The hack-n-slash game requires your fast-pace and combat skills in a deep and evocative storyline.

Also, Gun Gun Pixies, the third-person ‘shooter’ game, will be coming to Nintendo though it has already been released in Europe.

September 11

On Wednesday, it won’t be such a busy day as only one game will be coming. Throne Quest Deluxe, an open-world action RPG. Will you be fast enough to make it through the dangerous dungeons and crypts?

September 12

Thursday will be quite a busy day with six games in the pipeline. 

First is Super Dodgeball Beats, dubbed the craziest dodgeball contest ever. Another game dropping on Tuesday is Battle Supremacy – Evolution, a sci-fi sequel to Battle Supremacy, the renowned WWII combat simulator. Third is The Tenth Line Special Edition, a retro-style RPG with gruesome battles, platforming exploration, and tales about friendship and rediscovery.

Other games coming on Nintendo on Thursday next week include The Sinking City, Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan, and Ritual: Sorcerer Angel. 

The Sinking City is an action-adventure mystery game filled with horror while Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan is an 8-bit action-adventure platformer. Ritual: Sorcerer Angel is also an action RPG where players use a range of Spells and Skills to fight hordes of monsters.

September 13

Friday will be the busiest of days with seven games set for release on Nintendo Switch.

First is DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition, 2D psychological horror adventure game where you play as Price, a young boy who takes over the apartment of an elderly woman filled with horrors. Star Wars Pinball will also be available, and here, you can relive the remarkable moments of the Star Wars universe while interacting with the most iconic characters.

Atomic Heist, the sci-fi roguelike twin-stick shooter game will also be dropping alongside Daemon X Machina, a third-person shooter action game developed by MARVELOUS!

Other Nintendo games coming on Friday include Ellen, Rest in Pieces, and CHOP.

The other console makers have also revealed the new games coming to their platforms next week. Several high-profile games will be coming to Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation including NHL 20, eFootball PES 2020, NASCAR Heat 4, and WRTC 8 among others.