Blasphemous Finally Has A Release Date, This Gruesome And Scary Pixel-Art Action Game Will Be Coming Later This Summer

Blasphemous Finally Has A Release Date, This Gruesome And Scary Pixel-Art Action Game Will Be Coming Later This Summer
Credit: The Game Kitchen

The Game Kitchen has created a beautiful and grotesque action-platformer that will be arriving on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on September 10. You must embrace the life of The Penitent One who is caught in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. It is your duty to traverse the accursed kingdom of Cvstodia and fight enemies with your barbed-wire sword.

The game combines fast-paced skilled combat similar to that found in hack-n-slash games with a deep narrative. The press release on this game describes it as a Metroidvania style game with genre staples that make it familiar for any fans of the style. Character progression, non-linear level design, and even backtracking with newer abilities to get extra gear.

Blasphemous is a punishing game in the same level of difficulty as Super Ghost And Goblins or Castlevania. Like any good Metroidvania, the game has levels that span across multiple zones while still keeping a linear narrative. This game prides itself on a more gruesome tone with horror, blood, and gore mixed around the entirety of the world.

The world is a nightmarish view of a twisted religion with secrets scattered around its levels. You get to use devastating combos and brutal executions against hordes of monster and massive bosses. It looks like a 2D Dark Souls as you must battle with limited equipment relying on your skills rather than your weapons.

Throughout the levels are scattered with relics, rosary beads, and prayers that help you call upon the powers of heaven to aid you in your battle against evil. It is a dark reality and only you, with your extremely pointy hat, can save the day and slay the dark monsters lurking in the shadows.

Your weapon is known as the Mea Culpa. It is a blade forged from guilt itself. As you progress, you will learn devastating new combos and special moves to destroy anyone who stands in your way.

You get to choose which relics you equip, and how you build your character allowing for a unique fighting style and progression path. Your character is your style, and it is up to you to defeat the evil of the land.

Blasphemous will cost $24.99 when it launches, and it will be available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. This horror game will give you the rush you need and the spooky atmosphere that will have you daring the lang over and over again.