Enter The Gungeon Is Now Officially Free For PC Users Thanks To Epic’s Mega Sale

Enter The Gungeon Is Now Officially Free For PC Users Thanks To Epic’s Mega Sale
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The Epic Games Store is one of several platforms PC users can use to pick up video games. It seems like the platform is constantly putting out great deals on some really good titles.

Right now, thanks to Epic’s Mega Sale, PC users can pick up Enter The Gungeon for free. If you like addicting shooter action, this title is worth adding to your collection. It has a unique visual aesthetic that will draw you in almost immediately. It has that retro style only with a lot more color. Navigating from area to area is a true joy and you’ll always have something exciting and beautiful to look forward to.

This game really shines with its weapon and enemy variety. It seems like the theme of this game is bullets and chaos. You’ll be doing a lot of shooting with some pretty crazy weapons. There are guns that spray out laser beams, and then you have the more conventional weapons like shotguns and snipers. Each time you get something new, you’ll want to find out exactly what it can do.

The developers at Dodge Roll did a phenomenal job at keeping you interested as you progress through each level. The enemies are also a true delight to take out. You’ll be shooting flying wizards one minute and then iron maidens the next. It all feels so exciting and the bosses are particularly memorable. They can also be quite a challenge.

You have to use a lot of critical-thinking as bosses throw bullets your way in different ways. There is a pattern to their madness, and it’s up to you to find out what that is. Even their little minions can pose some challenge in the later stages of this game.

The chests and boss drops are all random. It’s a great design because it always keeps you on the edge of your seat. You could find an amazing rocket launcher in one room and then a rocket pack in the next. You never know what’s coming your way, which just adds to the suspense.

Overall, Enter The Gungeon is a pretty fanatic shooter that has a lot of content to enjoy. It has a unique charm and you can’t go wrong with picking it up for free. The Epic Games Store really is giving its competitors a run for their money with these free offerings, which don’t seem to be stopping any time soon.