Don’t Starve Together’s Wendy Is Getting A Character Update Soon!

Don’t Starve Together’s Wendy Is Getting A Character Update Soon!
Credit: Klei Entertainment via YouTube

If you’re a fan of survival games, there’s a good chance you’ve played Don’t Starve and/or the multiplayer variant, Don’t Starve Together. Players are dropped into a Tim Burton-esque world as they struggle to survive against incredibly difficult odds, fighting against nature and the supernatural at every turn.

Mods offer a practically unlimited number of playable characters, but the base game has a great handful as well. One of these, Wendy, is getting a sizeable rework in the near future.

Wendy is a frayed little girl haunted by the kind and helpful ghost of her twin sister, Abigail. Abigail looks after Wendy from the afterlife, helping her whenever possible – especially in combat – once summoned from her flower.

“Abigail never stopped looking out for Wendy – and now Wendy has discovered how to return the favor,” Don’t Starve Together’s blog reads. “Her affinity with the supernatural has led her to the mysterious practice of Ectoherbology, allowing her to create haunting elixirs to aid her sister beyond the veil and make their bond stronger than ever before.”

The character “refresh” arrives in less than a week on March 19th! Here are the primary changes that the developers list out in their patch notes:

  • Wendy still carries a flower to summon Abigail after a period of time
  • Abigail becomes stronger over time, but this resets if she is destroyed
  • Abigail is tied to Wendy’s health, making her fight harder when Wendy is closer to death
  • Wendy can ask Abigail to stick by her side or roam freely
  • Wendy will not lose sanity to ghosts (why would she?)
  • Pipspooks can now be found around gravestones and graveyards
  • Wendy can commune with Pipsooks to help them find peace in exchange for Mourning Glory
  • Mourning Glory can be used in Wendy’s Ectoherbology crafting tab to aid Abigail in many ways
  • Wendy now has even lower damage in combat but will suffer less sanity drain from the dark and auras
  • Abigail is more effective in combat against multiple enemies, having her stats buffed against crowds

Those are the primary changes that the developers have laid out. It’s worrying to see that Wendy’s damage has been lowered, as she already was considerably weak when it came to a fight, but given that Abigail is getting a buff it’ll certainly even out. The Ectoherbology addition will likely bring a good amount more survivability and variation to the ways that you can survive, as well as emphasizing new materials that weren’t needed before.

Wendy gets her changes on March 19th, so be ready to keep Abigail healthy and do your best to avoid starvation!