Divisive Repair Kits And A ProSnap Deluxe Camera Added To The Game With Fallout 76’s Latest Update

Divisive Repair Kits And A ProSnap Deluxe Camera Added To The Game With Fallout 76’s Latest Update
Credit: Fallout 76 - Bethesda

The snapping begins as Fallout 76’s latest update gives every fan a chance to play with a new camera. On top of that, divisive repair kits are also up for grabs – not literally, though.

After a short delay, prospective photographers can explore and play around with ProSnap Deluxe. This is an in-game camera that’s fully functional and allows players to get snaps of their game survival experiences.

It’s odd yet fun to imagine how you can still get snapshots while you’re busy struggling in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. When you think about it, these might be great pictures to brag to the grandkids.

The catch here is that players need to craft the ProSnap Deluxe first. They’ll know how to do this once they’ve already looted a conked out one from a corpse.

After getting the camera up and working, they can now continue working on the quest started by the dead photographer. They can’t just get any kinds of snaps.

They need to take photos of some specific snaps. If they want to disregard the dead photographers, they can also do so. Instead of keeping snaps of what the photographer likes, they can take their own photos of skeletons in bizarre positions.

On the other hand, repair kits are also available from the update. These kits can be used for item restoration. Players will be able to restore these chosen items to its most durable state. Regrettably, these kits can’t be traded or crafted.

The game enemies don’t like the idea of dropping it, either. The only option left to the players is to buy it from the Atomic Store. Aside from the plain repair kits, there are improved kits, too.

These kits can buff up the durability of an item. There’s one way to earn this though, and that is to kill the Scorchbeast Queen. More options of earning the improved kits might be added later, who knows?

Just last week, Bethesda was flooded with criticisms over their decision to sell these repair kits in their Atomic Shop. Also last week, they responded to these criticisms. Then again, many fans are still not convinced if it’s a good call by Bethesda.

Fans say it’s strange to have these kits locked behind a shop, notwithstanding the fact that players can get in-game-Atoms. After all, these are not some rare, fancy item. As a matter of fact, it’s very similar to that thing players are expected to cobble in survival games.

Fallout 76’s update is now live, and patch notes are accessible here.