Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players Have Been Receiving Consistent Disconnects – Quick Fix

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players Have Been Receiving Consistent Disconnects – Quick Fix
Credit: Smurfson via YouTube

It’s the thorn in the side of match-making players, on top of already attempting to play Valve’s standard match-making experience within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (which can be a massive headache on its own). Over the past few days, players have been experiencing constant disconnects, sometimes more than once per match, and it’s costing them dearly.

Precisely what is occurring is unknown, and there has been no statement from Valve regarding (or even acknowledging) the issue that has been reported.

It all seems to have begun, however, with Valve’s most recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update on May 4 and has begun to snowball since then.

The error only appears to be running rampant at the time within official match-making on Valve’s official servers; ESEA and FaceIt players have both seemed to dodge the majority of the issue.

The error is coming from a new line that kicks players that have, as per the most recent update, ‘loaded asset files into the game memory from files not present on the game server’. Thankfully, the fix is as simple as nuking some files from the hierarchy of CS: GO, as outlined by @GabeFollower on Twitter:

If this doesn’t work, you just might be stranded for the time being. If the new disconnect experience that has been plaguing MM is a separate issue, we’re even more up the proverbial creek.

It was originally rumored to be a form of DDOS, yet other Valve servers haven’t been affected; it’s also happening to both teams in competitive matches. Further, it’s sporadic yet consistent; the issue persists across multiple matches, yet there isn’t an underlying action that appears to be taken by affected players for the kick, or timeout, to occur.

Regardless, it’s causing more than a few matches to go awry when players simply can’t play in clutch rounds, and it’s happening on all sides of the official match-making servers Even worse is when you finally net a full-buy and lose it all due to disconnect.

If you’re a silver-lining type of human, however, there could be good news; this could be a fantastic opportunity for you to finally try out the experience that FaceIt and ESEA offer.

Many professionals play exclusively with one of the two services (sometimes both), and there’s a good reason for it. With a far stricter anti-cheat that weeds out the majority of cheaters to more accurate MMR and the ability to win nice prizes for fragging out well and consistently in pugs, there’s little reason not to go explore it until Valve can figure a fix.