Call Of Duty League Week 2 – Day One Wraps Up In London

Call Of Duty League Week 2 – Day One Wraps Up In London
Credit: London Royal Ravens via YouTube

The second week of Call of Duty League is well underway, and all of the matches of the first day have been played. Week 2 is hosted by the London Royal Ravens in London, England, and eight teams have been battling it out in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare action.

Today, February 8, six different matchups played out, with two teams going a perfect 2-0. Here is a tweet from the Call of Duty League outlining the matches coming up tomorrow:

Week 2 features eight teams, the London Royal Ravens, New York Subliners, Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire, Los Angeles Guerrillas, Seattle Surge, Paris Legion, and Toronto Ultra.

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The eight teams faced off in the opening matches that produced four winning teams: London Royal Ravens, Dallas Empire, New York Subliners, and Chicago Huntsmen.

The four teams played best-of-five matches to determine the two ultimate winners of the day. In the first matchup, Dallas Empire took on the Chicago Huntsmen. The teams faced off in four different matches, with the Huntsmen reigning supreme in three of them. The first match featured Hardpoint, and Chicago took the win by scoring 250 compared to Empire’s 151. Then, the teams fought it out in a hotly contested game of Search and Destroy, with the Huntsmen winning 6-5.

Dallas Empire was able to secure their first and only win against the Huntsmen in the next match. The league teams played Domination, and Empire won 210 to 160. Their momentum was short-lived, however, as Chicago clinched the series by winning the next match, Hardpoint, 250 to 175.

The hometown team, London Royal Ravens, took on the New York Subliners in the final match of the day. And they were able to perform for their fellow Englishman in the crowd by winning 3-2. The Ravens had somewhat of a comeback against New York as they fell 0-2 in the first two matches. They lost Hardpoint 187-250, and then Search and Destroy 5-6.

But, they were able to change their fortunes by winning the last three matches of the best-of-five series. The Royal Ravens won Domination 202-152, Hardpoint 250-135, and then the tiebreaker, Search and Destroy, 6-4.

There are still more matches to play tomorrow to determine the winner of the Week 2 bracket, and how many CP each team gets. The Chicago Huntsmen will go against the winning team of “Loser’s Group B,” and the London Royal Ravens will take on the victorious team from “Loser’s Group A.”