Buydig Brings Color To Gaming And Streaming Microphones With Their On Sale $70 Blue Yeti Microphone

Buydig Brings Color To Gaming And Streaming Microphones With Their On Sale $70 Blue Yeti Microphone
Credit: Gavin Whitner via Flickr (license)

Blue Yeti is on sale. It’s now only priced at $70. What’s even better is that it comes in three different colors gamers and streamers can choose from.

For the majority of the people, the microphone brand which is ideal and best for gaming and streaming is Blue Yeti. This statement is emanating from these users’ bang-for-buck standpoint.

Blue Yeti comes with a hefty price tag. It is usually sold for $100. But users believe that the money they paid for their $100 Blue Yeti is worth every penny.

For those who are looking for a cheaper Blue Yeti, now is the right time to make a purchase. BuyDig lowered its price for Blue Yetis by $30. Now, it can be bought for as low as $69.99.

As a treat to their avid users and a way to encourage more patronage, BuyDig significantly reduced the mic’s price. The said mics will be on sale. Interested buyers can use the sale coupon bearing the code APRIL1 to avail of the 30% price off.

Those who want to buy can clip the code instead of encoding it upon checkout. This means they need to click the coupon on the Blue Yeti product page. Once clicked, it will automatically add the mic to the buyer’s cart at a lowered rate.

This microphone is proven to be best for streaming and gaming. This feedback is from most of the satisfied users. It also offers great audio quality. It also has various polar patterns, on top of being easy to set up and use. Now, it can be bought at BuyDig.

Based on most reviews, the Blue Yeti USB mic is very versatile. The sound quality is way better compared to other mics in the market that comes attached to headsets.

Interested buyers can choose between midnight blue, steel red, and black colors. All colors have the same price.
Some stores online add a small cut the moment buyers shops at their store through BuyDig’s link.

Past reviews of Blue Yeti point to the fact that is undoubtedly the leader in quality. It’s one of the first choices among users of USB microphones. These days, USB microphones are usually stamped by sundry manufacturers.

Logitech is an excellent example of this. Since the brand specializes in computer accessories, they make great mouse and keyboard. Also, they come up with great sound systems. Then again, when we talk about standalone microphones, critics said they are not that credible.

The best they can come up with is fancy-looking mics which are not friendly for web-conferencing and gaming.

With Blue Yeti, you get both functionality and style. It’s a great choice for gaming, online conferencing, streaming, and many more.