Blizzard Makes Cleansed Items Recorruptible In Latest World Of Warcraft Hotfix

Blizzard Makes Cleansed Items Recorruptible In Latest World Of Warcraft Hotfix
Credit: World of Warcraft

Blizzard has kept a steady stream of content coming not only to their Shadowlands alpha builds, but also to the current iteration of World of Warcraft. Adding more and more to Battle for Azeroth on a nearly weekly basis, Blizzard is making sure no one gets left behind.

One of theior recent fixes involves making it so that players were able to put a bit more care into their alts. Typically, due to the high focus on endgame content, World of Warcraft players may have difficulty having more than one character geared up for endgame.

It’s not impossible, of course – in fact, it’s not even difficult. What is difficult is forcing yourself through the endgame grind more than once, as many things are gated to require lengthy amounts of time spent completing campaign quests and grinding reputation, or other currencies.

To help remedy this, Blizzard recently added in the Echoes of Ny’alotha currency system. This system allowed players to purchase Essences, a vital endgame item, for Echoes of Ny’alotha, provided that they had already earned the Essence on another character and gotten it to the third rank.

Recently, the developers pushed a bit further and added more functionality to the Echoes of Ny’alotha currency. Blizzard allowed players to use the Echoes to purchase consumable corruptions and place them on items at their whim, rather than waiting for the RNG of the game to hopefully let them receive their desired corruption.

They’re far from cheap, but they’re available. Unfortunately, players swiftly discovered an issue with the system: Once an item had been cleansed, it could no longer be corrupted.

By removing the corruption from an item, players are able to forsake the buff that the corruption gives in favor of reducing the overall corruption of their gear. The higher a character’s corruption, the more negative consequences they occur, making cleansing an item that has an unwanted corruption buff vital.

However, players that wanted to re-corrupt items with better corruption were unable to do so. Blizzard said that this had been because of “technological limitations,” but also said that it would be coming soon. It seems that soon was much, much sooner than expected, thankfully.

“We’re rolling out a hotfix over the next few hours that will make it so that you can apply Preserved Contaminants to corruptible items that were cleansed before maintenance this week,” Blizzard writes in their announcement. “We’ll see you in the Chamber of Heart!”

Blizzard has recently proved – on World of Warcraft, at least – that they’re putting a genuine effort into listening to fan feedback and applying it whenever possible. This latest hotfix has been the quickest they’ve done so yet, and players are more than happy to be able to corrupt their gear as they see fit rather than relying on RNG or just flat out being unable to corrupt.

As Shadowlands approaches, the future of World of Warcraft is looking a bit brighter than it has in quite some time.