Blizzard Devs Make New Announcement Regarding Rampant Bot Issue In World Of Warcraft: Classic

Blizzard Devs Make New Announcement Regarding Rampant Bot Issue In World Of Warcraft: Classic
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Since the title was released in late 2019, World of Warcraft: Classic has been plagued with a rampant botting issue. While this is far from the only problem with the title, it’s remained arguably the most dominant, even causing some of the other significant issues of the title.

It seems that no server is safe from the bots, which clog up areas so much so that it’s nearly impossible for actual players to complete their quests or farm in peace. Additionally, the bots have a drastic impact on the economy of a server as they farm gold incessantly.

Fans have begged and shouted for Blizzard to do something about the issue, but fixing it has been slow-going for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, while Blizzard struggles to fix the issues, there’s been little end to the problem itself.

Perhaps making matters significantly worse is the way that the botting issue snowballs. For example, many servers are afflicted with incredibly long queues amidst overpopulation.

Not much is more frustrating than not being able to sign onto the game you pay for only because the realm is overpopulated by gold-farming bots. Thankfully, Blizzard has been transparent in their efforts to fix the issues.

“Over the last few months, we’ve been accelerating our efforts to deal with certain kinds of cheating that players often call ‘bots’ – the use of automation to play the game in exploitative ways,” Blizzard states.

“We’ve recently seen some WoW Classic players ask ‘How can we help Blizzard get rid of bots?’ and the answer remains the same: please continue to report them. And thank you for doing so.”

Blizzard is insistent that continuing to report characters that you may suspect as cheating to be the best possible way to swiftly remove the botting accounts. According to the announcement, these reports go directly to the team that investigates the issues.

The problem that this presents is that players often do report the bots, as doing so is as simple as a right-click. Still, the botting issue seems to not have diminished in the slightest, leaving players to believe that the system simply doesn’t work.

In closing, Blizzard thanks their player base for their efforts reporting the bots so far, stating that it’s helping them make the game “nicer and fairer.” While many of the fans will likely be frustrated that this announcement has shown no definite proof of the issue being alleviated, Blizzard seems confident in their ability to control the problem.