The Beautiful Survival Game Among Trees Is Now Available On The Epic Games Store

The Beautiful Survival Game Among Trees Is Now Available On The Epic Games Store
Credit: PC Gamer via YouTube

The PC Gaming Show 2020 was a pretty successful event all in all. There were a lot of highly anticipated games shown and indie titles that showed a lot of promise.

One of the more unique survival games coming out of this event was Among Trees from FJRD Interactive. It’s a survival type of sandbox experience set in a beautiful forest.

Right away, it’s color pallet stands out. There are rich blues for the water, greenish hues near tree tops, and warmer colors higher up. You don’t have to be an art major to know that Among Trees is dripping in personality.

But does the gameplay match up to the extraordinary visuals? Based on the official trailer from the PC Gaming Show 2020 and the description on the Epic Games Store, it seems like it.

You’ll be spending a majority of your time exploring the wilderness and interacting with fantastic wildlife. Where a lot of survival games create tense moments, Among Trees takes a different approach.

You feel a sense of calmness wash over your body as you move through the rich forests, dark caves, and majestic waters. It almost is a cathartic experience playing Among Trees, which is definitely a great change of pace.

You’re not feeling rushed to do things and survive hostile threats. Rather, you play at a peaceful pace and have plenty of time to take everything in.

Along with exploring, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to scavenge for food. For instance, there are plenty of lakes you can visit to catch fish.

Even though this game does seem a bit more relaxed in the survival department, there will still be beasts you have to account for. Using stealth maneuvers is your best bet at staying safe and venturing off to a more secure location.

If you want to know what type of experience Among Trees will provide, you can just look at the screenshots that have started trickling in. They’re beautiful and show how skilled the designers are that put this world together.

There are a lot of new games coming out this year, but Among Trees has the potential to stand out and go on to achieve a lot of commercial success.

Epic Games Store is the destination to head to if this game’s visuals or overall concept of surviving sound appealing. Who knows what mysteries you’ll unlock and memorable wildlife interactions you’ll have during your journey?