Blizzard Confirms That World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Will Not Have Bonus Roll Tokens For PvE Content

Blizzard Confirms That World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Will Not Have Bonus Roll Tokens For PvE Content
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

As World of Warcraft: Shadowlands creeps closer and closer, being released just barely a month from today, the developers have had more to share with each passing day. The Beta won’t be around much longer, but in response to past feedback, Blizzard has made a surprising choice.

With PvE loot, quantity has been something in question for quite a while. It’s hard to be excited about loot in the current climate, with any number of RNG decisions making even the best drop possible a bit subpar at times due to a poor corruption or lack of socket.

Another mechanic that many have had mixed reactions with has been the bonus roll tokens. These have been around for the last several expansions, and do just as they say – provide a bonus roll of loot, effectively giving another drop chance.

These are acquired by buying reroll tokens of any certain theme, depending on the expansion. Players can have a limited number of them and only buy a certain number a week – in Battle for Azeroth, players can hold five at a time and buy two per week.

Few things are more frustrating, though, than using a reroll and being given currency. While the price of a token is negligible, currently purchasable with the now-defunct War Resources, burning one without success is arguably worse than not getting the drop in the first place.

The bonus rolls will be removed as part of an overhaul of how loot works entirely. Another mechanic leaving will be the Weekly Chest, typically referred to as the Disappointment Box by players of the game. Granting a reward based off of your highest mythic key, the mechanic has been heavily changed.

Its replacement, the Great Vault, was originally seen as the replacement for the mechanic as a new clone. However, a dominant different is that completing a +15 key will give players the choice of up to three items from the vault, rather than randomly rewarding one.

“Bonus rolls no longer exist, and the Great Vault captures the value they used to provide to raiders,” Blizzard stated. “Non-raiders should also factor in the Great Vault, as completing a Mythic Keystone +15 will award a choice of up to three item-level 226 pieces from the Great Vault.”

Bonus rolls were usable on more than just PvE gear, though. Many used them against world bosses in hopes of getting a much-desired transmog or mount, such as the Alpaca mount that one can find in Vol’dun.

While there’s a bit of mixed reactions coming from the community at the moment, few are sad to see the aptly-referred-to Disappointment Coins being removed. So long as they’re replaced with a mechanic that keeps the good and loses the obnoxious RNG that the player base has come to despise, there will be few complaints to be found.