Blizzard Co-Founder Frank Pearce Is Leaving The Company After 28 Years Of Work

Blizzard Co-Founder Frank Pearce Is Leaving The Company After 28 Years Of Work
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

In recent months, many of the core members of Blizzard Entertainment’s team have been leaving the company to search for greener grounds. Frank Pearce, a long-time executive of the company and one of the people who helped found it when it was still known as Silicon & Synapse, is leaving the company after 28 years.

The news was shared on the official Blizzard website and rather than leaving for another company it seems he wants to take more time for his own life. It talks of him spending more time outdoors and pursuing other passions such as his want to learn an instrument.

Blizzard’s current president J. Allen Brack also released a statement on Pearce parting ways, and he talks up Pearce’s Role. Although Pearce does not have a public-facing role, he was still a valuable asset to the company and one of the members that the internal team will miss dearly.

It seems that Pearce wants to allow future leaders to join Blizzards ranks and allow for a new generation to help influence the future of the company. Video games is a passion of his and the company as a whole. When they originally founded the company, they had hoped to make games one day without the convenience of modern internet searches.

They started with making games they wanted to play and trying to find like-minded people to play those games. The company has grown massively since its inception and become one of the major epic entertainment businesses. One of his most treasured and prominent memories is the first BlizzCon, where he realized his importance to the gaming community.

Although his leaving is full of gratitude and passion for the employees, there is almost a sense of loss felt from his leaving. For many, he was a background member of the Blizzard staff, but his impact and passion are felt through many of their products. He knows he will always be welcome and have a place among the members of Blizzard staff, and this happiness continues to drive his future thinking.

His only request is that the company and its fans continue to live with Blizzard values. He considers the company a special place and the community with him on the long journey that Blizzard has taken. As he says goodbye to long term fans many are happy to see what will be the future of Blizzard Entertainment.

This is one of many staff members leaving Blizzard Entertainment and although some have left spontaneously this is a loss that many are saddened by. Fans everywhere are wishing him luck on his future endeavors and hope only for the best for Frank Pearce