Blackout, The New Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Game Mode Is Tagging Along Armoured Vehicle Battles

Blackout, The New Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Game Mode Is Tagging Along Armoured Vehicle Battles
Credit: Microsoft

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has got fresh content lined up for the first-person shooter blockbuster this September. Fans are awaiting the release of Blackout. This is a new update that brings a new game mode. Dubbed Heavy Metal Heroes, it features intense battles with armored vehicles.

“New Game Mode, Heavy Metal Heroes: This limited-time game mode has been torn from the pages of comic books. Reach new heights with thrust jumping, catch some air on ramps around the map, and drop in with a heroic starting loadout complete with body armor and a weapon,” writes Activision.

In the new game mode, you can finally bust the enemy stations in one of the armored ATVs, ARAVs, motorcycles, and even tank. As you may be aware, tanks are the best, but of course, depending on the terrain. Hijack one, together with your teammate playing as either the gunner or driver and bust the enemy hideouts with the devastating firepower.

The new Heavy Metal Heroes game mode will be part of the larger Dark Divide update. From the developers perspective, it is a time when the Specialists faction is hit by a split that puts heroes against the villains. Operation Divide is also the peak of the Aether Zombies storyline.

And it’s not just the new game mode that this update brings. There are several new additions.

Of course, there’s the new Blackout map. The battle and bloodshed is over, and the land looks promising once more. However, it’s nothing than the beginning of more fierce battles. But at least with steel involved as a weapon of shield or maneuverability in the new game mode – Heavy Metal Heroes.

The new game mode also attracts two new weapons besides the tanks. Make some room in your artillery for the Winter’s fury and Savage Impaler – the two new weapons.

A couple of Black Market gear are also available to make you the real superhero or supervillain. The highlights include tier earnings, new reserve weapons, Special Orders, and starter pack.

Blackout also comes with two new Zombie features. Break two new Elixirs available at the Lab. The first is Secret Shopper for spending on ammo for all weapons including Wonder Weapons. There’s also Power Vacuum, which when activated, it boosts the drop rate for all power-ups.

The new Operation Divide update has been live since yesterday September 24, but only for the PS4 fans. As for PC, the latest update will be rolled out soon, so stay tuned.