N-Body Physics Impossible For Kerbal Space Program 2 To Feature Physical Intimacy

N-Body Physics Impossible For Kerbal Space Program 2 To Feature Physical Intimacy
Credit: Kerbal Space Program via YouTube

Fans who are expecting the integration of n-body physics into Kerbal Space Program 2 need to stop. The developer already admitted that this feature is impossible to adopt.

N-body physics is the simulation of several dynamic particles with the help of gravity or other physical forces. This is what numerous fans would like to see in the sequel of Kerbal Space Program. However, Nate Simpson already denied their vision. Here is the trailer of Kerbal Space Program 2.

The game’s creative director shared with Edge that they have tried integrating the N-body simulation in the original Kerbal system. The result was not good, though. According to him, the solar system was in disarray when it was simulated.

If they would push through with it in Kerbal Space Program 2, players may not be happy that they did. With the integration of N-body physics, the solar system is disassembled. The planets become casualties, too, as the moons are being fired at them.

Another disadvantage of it is the possible effect on the players’ saved game. There could be consequences that may hamper their desire to build an interstellar civilization.

On the other hand, a different feature would be included in the upcoming game. As there would be many reasons to celebrate, the Kerbals are out to increase their population. Players, therefore, could expect physical intimacy (read: sex) among the citizens of Kerbin in Kerbal Space Program 2.

Here are the other interesting details that every KSP fan could look forward to:

· The Kerbals would be more aggressive in colonizing the planets near Kerbin.

· The game’s career mode would let the players experience new landing puzzles.

· In career mode, players would be guided while journeying towards the Mun.

· New celestial bodies, including moons and planets, would be introduced in the sequel.

Apart from career mode, fans may also choose the sandbox mode. In this mode, players have the freedom to build anything they want. They are not limited to what the game tells them to do. Nevertheless, the amount of freedom has to be determined yet.

The developer could not tell yet if players could start running in sandbox mode once they are in the galaxy. Accordingly, this is still for discussion.

Players may adore the Kerbals more in Kerbal Space Program 2 because they have been developed to become more expressive.

KSP 2, just like the original version, would not have black holes. However, Simpson hinted that this could be a modification in the future. After all, the game is still far from its planned release date.

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