Black Friday Summer Sale Is Making Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition Only $20 For Xbox One And PS4

Black Friday Summer Sale Is Making Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition Only $20 For Xbox One And PS4
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Amazon Prime Day was an amazing time for gamers. So many hit titles were on sale. If you weren’t fortunate enough to catch this mega sale, it appears Best Buy has your back.

They’re offering a Black Friday in July Sale next week, which is discounting so many great games. One standout is Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition. Starting next week, it will be $20 for both the Xbox One and PS4. This is one of the better horror games that you can find today.

It’s also pretty different compared to other Resident Evil games. Instead of featuring a third-person perspective, it shows off a beautiful first-person view. For the game’s subject matter, the perspective is a great change.

The Gold Edition includes a lot of extra video tapes, much like the ones you find in the mansion during the game’s story. Each tape will be playable, including Banned Footage Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and End of Zoe. This additional content just gives you more horror value to experience first-hand.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out this installment, you’re in store for quite a thrilling journey. The game mainly takes place around a swampy mansion. It’s extremely creepy, from the broken windows to the abandoned feel on the interior. Right when you show up to it, you know something bad is about to go down.

Resident Evil 7 revolves around Ethan Winters. He’s in search of his long-time wife Mia, who was presumed dead for three years. It wasn’t until a mysterious videotape of her surfaced that gives Ethan hope and sets him on a journey to the swampy parts of Louisiana.

The Baker house is where he presumes Mia to be. What seems like a standard mansion abandoned many years ago soon turns into a house of horrors. You’re left to investigate clues and find out what exactly happened to Mia.

There’s something off about the mansion, though. A mysterious fungus-like virus has spread and it has consumed the family that once lived here. Each one of the family members plays a pivotal role and are voice-acted quite well.

There is so much tension throughout this game, like you’re walking on egg shells the entire time. For those that have a PS4, this game is compatible with PSVR. It’s certainly a novel way to play this chilling game, especially if you’re looking for a truly immersive experience.

For just $20, this special edition is pretty much a steal. You’ll enjoy all the horrors it has to offer.