Bitlife For Android Updates To Version 1.23.1 And Adds More Content To Different Aspects Of The Game

Bitlife For Android Updates To Version 1.23.1 And Adds More Content To Different Aspects Of The Game
Credit: Jacksepticeye

Bitlife for Android is still trailing behind its iOS version, but new content is always welcome. And this update has added much to the mind and body menu.

In this new update to Bitlife for Android, players can finally start training in Martial arts. Each lesson costs the player money, but it gives players an opportunity to rank up and learn special moves to use on their enemies. This will help them in fights with NPCs but beware, because becoming more deadly can put a player at risk of killing their foe, pushing them into the criminal path.

The opportunity to go on diets before was simply a series of random events. But now, there are menus for special diets, allowing players to do anything from becoming a vegan to going on a tapeworm diet.

There is now an option to read books to get smart fast. Players are given a menu of books to get through, all of them being real-world books, and players will need to tap on the book to turn the pages, or abandon it altogether.

Players now also have the ability to go on walks. Once again dealing with menus, players can choose the pace of the walk and how long they’re gone.

If a player has a house, or still lives with their parents who have a house, they can take up gardening. This is simply a “tap and you’ve done it” task.

They’ve also revamped how doctors work. Instead of getting a notification that they have a disease, now they are notified that they have a symptom, with a level of concern bar for how bad the character is worried. From there, players can go to the doctor, choose “it doesn’t bother me”, search the web or pray. If they choose to go to the doctor, it follows the same path as before, where you choose the doctor, who then treats your illness.

In addition, they’ve added the ability to be treated at the emergency room. This functions as a simple pop up telling you that you’ve been to the emergency room and how effective it’s been.

Players can also now visit a psychiatrist, where they can have a counseling session or a shock therapy section.

And with how heavy this is on mind and body wellness update is, they bring up that some countries have universal health care, meaning that any visit to the doctor is a free one.

Combine this with some tweaks and bug fixing, update 1.23.1 is both a weighty one in terms of content, and yet still a small one in terms of file size, given that this is a text-based game.  So if you’re interested, download this text-based game and enjoy the new content.