Death Stranding Is Getting A Photo Mode When The PC Version Releases In June

Death Stranding Is Getting A Photo Mode When The PC Version Releases In June
Credit: Kojima via YouTube

Death Stranding was an extraordinary achievement in a lot of ways for Kojima Productions. It broaches some real-life topics that we as a society genuinely need to talk about. For instance, with the presence of social media and technology progressively getting better, society has become isolated in a lot of ways.

Death Stranding takes those themes of isolation and centers its main message around bringing everyone together. The game’s main protagonist — Sam Bridges — is actually tasked with delivering packages and bringing society closer together. Hideo Kojima has a history of injecting his games with some social commentary in one way or another. It worked pretty well overall in this action-adventure game.

The game also is amazing from a visual standpoint. The creatures that Sam interacts with are equally terrifying and well-designed. The open-ended nature of this world also is impressive in a lot of ways. Now, thanks to an upcoming photo mode that’s being introduced alongside the PC release of Death Stranding, you’ll be able to take in the beautiful and terrifying sights in a whole new way.

Photo modes are always a handy feature for games that look as beautiful as Death Stranding. They let players mess around with angles for the perfect screenshot. It could be your character overlooking a beautiful city or a sequence of events that can be illustrated perfectly via an image.

These modes also give gamers the chance to share some scenes of inspiration with friends and even strangers. Pictures keep the community strong and really let gamers show off their more artistic side. It’s great that Kojima Productions realizes the importance of photo mode for their game.

You can only image the creepy and otherworldly shots that Death Stranding players will capture and share with the community. There are just so many unique aspects of this game, from the baby that Sam Bridges carries throughout the game to the elemental threats known as beached things. Hideo Kojima and his developing studio certainly didn’t shy away from the strange department. That’s part of the reason why so many wanted to play this action-adventure game when it first launched last year in November.

Thanks to the upcoming photo mode that will be available in June, players can show exactly what strangeness the community has fell in love with. Even from just a purely artistic perspective, this photo mode should be fun to play around with. You can become a gaming photographer and capture shots that inspire future gamers.