BioWare Confirms Anthem Is Being Redesigned And Outlines Plans In Recent Blog Post

BioWare Confirms Anthem Is Being Redesigned And Outlines Plans In Recent Blog Post
Credit: Anthem Game via YouTube

When you think of games that have received a negative backlash from fans immediately after launching, Anthem is usually near the top of that list. Fans were expecting so much more than what they were treated to. From the bevy of bugs to a lack of content, Anthem fell flat on its face. BioWare has since tried to salvage the online multiplayer with consistent updates.

Still, many who’ve stuck around to see what hope there is left for this title have grown frustrated. BioWare has acknowledged their mistakes and aren’t just going to let this game die off. Rather, they’ll looking to redesign the game from the ground up. That’s according to a recent blog post that BioWare put out, acknowledging Anthem’s shortcomings.

They are indeed slowing production down and forgoing to put out as many updates as they have, all in favor of making Anthem better. Just how do they plan to do this, you may be asking? Well, it starts with changing up the core gameplay loop. Rather than just having you navigate the open-ended world in your Javelin suit, they want to create clear missions.

They want the missions you accept to drive you forward, constantly making you engaged and interested in what’s to come. That design has been noticeably absent from Anthem. Sometimes you forget what it is you’re supposed to be doing because of the lack of direction the developers seemed to have from the jump.

BioWare wants to rectify these mistakes and make Anthem a more meaningful experience. They want everything you do in Anthem to matter, whether it’s collecting better loot or taking down bosses that have a purpose to the story.

The developer also has plans of re-hauling the progression. That’s great news if you’ve been one of the many players wondering why you’re doing the things this game requests of you. There are plans to provide more meaningful rewards. They should help players stay interested in their assigned tasks and make their journeys all the more pleasurable.

Anthem showed a ton of promise, particularly in regards to its flight mechanics in the Javelin. You truly feel like Iron Man flying around and dispatching enemies that stand in your way. BioWare knows these elements are great, and it looks they’re doing their best to build upon them with more meaningful content. It will be intriguing to see where Anthem finally lands after these big changes.