ASUS ROG Phone II Elite Edition Is Now Available In The United States Market

ASUS ROG Phone II Elite Edition Is Now Available In The United States Market
Credit: Mrwhosetheboss via YouTube

Almost a year ago, ASUS launched the ROG Phone, which is specially made for gaming. Surprisingly, the phone equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor become one of the most potent gaming phones in the market with excellent responses from the users. Due to the positive reactions, the company decided to produce a follow-up phone of this model, called the ROG phone II, and is now available in the US market.

Fans are thrilled as the long-awaited phone is finally launched in the US. As of now, fans can purchase the unlocked phone from the manufacturer’s website as well as the Mobile Advance website. Other websites that sell this phone are the B&H and the giant online e-commerce store, Amazon. However, while the B&H currently offers an option for pre-order, the handset will only be released later this month on 30 September.

As of now, the available model in the US market is the “Elite” edition. This edition features an internal storage of 512GB and a modem of Category 18 LTE, which theoretically has the capability of downloading at a speed of up to 1.2Gbps.

Aside from the current edition, the company is also planning to launch another of this phone edition called the “Ultimate” in the same country later this year. The subsequent phone edition is said to be equipped with better components than the current version, including a modem of Category 20 LTE and a higher storage capacity of up to 1TB. Aesthetically speaking, unlike the glossy appearance of the current version, the later version will feature a matte finish.

Nevertheless, both editions share some similar features, including a RAM of 12GB, a 6.59-inch screen, a battery with 6,000mAh capacity, and the Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon with 855+ processor. Also, the phone incorporates two vibration motors that aimed to give players a more immersive gaming experience.

In addition, the phone comes with an improved version of the clip-on fan, AeroActive Cooler II, which is claimed to be four times quieter. Moreover, the fan can lower the surface’s temperature by up to 5℃.

Another exciting accessory bundled with the phone is the skeletal-themed Aero Case. The case exposes and makes the glowing logo etched at the back of the phone more visible while allowing users to place the clip-on fan securely over it.

Though the phone is stated to be compatible with GSM networks, no information is given with regards to its compatibility with CDMA networks. Hence, users that intend to buy one should consider the possibility that this phone may not work with CDMA networks, which includes Verizon and US Cellular. However, this limitation is not yet confirmed by ASUS.