Asus Releases The 360mm Variant Of ROG Strix LC All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler

Asus Releases The 360mm Variant Of ROG Strix LC All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler
Credit: SYSGEAR via Youtube

Everyone has been eagerly waiting for a cheaper 360mm cooler and finally, it is here. Meet the Asus ROG Strix LC – the biggest among the three ROG Strix Series AiO Coolers.

In 2018, we saw Asus venturing into the all-in-one liquid cooler market with the release of the ROG Ryujin and ROG Ryuo. In January’s epic CES, the company was at it again, confirming the existence of the ROG Strix LC series which features three CPU coolers categorized based on form factor. Back in May, the first two form factors, the 120mm and 240mm models were released and have been doing well in the market.

The Strix LC series is a cheaper alternative to the pricier Ryujin and Ryuo and has been welcomed by gaming PC configuration enthusiasts looking for affordable liquid CPU coolers. That makes it an instant hit, and besides, the new 360mm will flourish considering the ROG Ryuo doesn’t have a 360mm model.

While the affordability of the ROG Series is a major selling point, there is a slight compromise. Just like the 120mm and 240mm, this latest release also opts for an RGB illuminated ROG Logo instead of the high-end OLED display we saw in the Ryuo and Ryujin models. While this may sound like a big hit, it is worthy to point out that the addressable-RGB (ASUS Aura Sync RGB) controls the RGB and has six presets including Static, Breathing, Strobing, Flash and Dash, Color Cycle and Rainbow.

The ROG Strix LC is a high-performance cooler that spins between 800 – 2500 RPM depending on the temperature of the CPU. At peak performance, it can push up an impressive 80.96cfm and surprisingly, it is quiet, at 27.9dBA.

Much of the design remains similar to what you get in the previous LC variants. The ROG-designed radiator fan is intact and this time, with a large 360mm radiator to optimize airflow and static pressure, and consequently, the performance. It also has the same pump and radiator four-pin PWM control that delivers exceptional speed control guaranteeing the perfect balance of acoustics and performance.

The ROG Strix LC 360mm is ideal for a range of Intel CPU sockets including Intel’s LGA 1150 – 1156, 1366, 2011/2011-3, and 2066. For AMD fans, pair it up with either the AMD AM4 or TR4 sockets.