As Things Ramp Up With Coronavirus Pandemic, Nintendo Releases Another New Pokemon, Cubchoo

As Things Ramp Up With Coronavirus Pandemic, Nintendo Releases Another New Pokemon, Cubchoo
Credit: Nintendo Via YouTube

When you understand the pure power behind those who identify themselves as Pokemon power lords and overlords, then you will finally see the reality of the situation before us. We are in the middle of a pandemic here, people, and things will never, ever return to the way they were before they were the way they were. That’s an absolute and incontrovertible fact of the powerhouse known only as reality, and it is one we can no longer resist. So what are we going to do? Well, it is quite simple, we are going to (hashtag) resist.

There is only one powerful way to do this: Playing more and more Pokemon Sword and Shield. That is because the game series known only as Pokemon is one we can all get behind, and it is one we can all understand and love and enjoy. It is something we should look up to, take respect for, and make the best of the best we can possibly get our hands-on. If you know what I mean here, then you will know we can take a swing and make it all happen. There’s just too much at stake.

Anyways, if you agree with the overall premise of this argument, then you should just keep on reading if you want to find out more. As it turns out, there is a new pokemon out there, and they are ready to make their debut within the wide, wide world of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

It is within the orbit of this world, within the orbit of all things good and well, that we can find the power of the strength to (hashtag) resist and get on with it. Anyway, they have a new pokemon with the name of “Cubchoo,” and this little baddie has the power to use its frozen snot to do some serious damage.

How is one going to resist that damage? Or better yet, how is one going to find themselves the chance to acquire it? Well, as it turns out, it is really quite simple. In order to access it, you just need to get out there and subscribe to Nintendo as a store or whatever. This will let you get all that DLC and stuff.

Cubchoo is some sort of water-type or ice-type Pokemon. And if you know anything about Pokemon, then you know that nobody in the world gives a crap. Screw all of them. If they make it they make it, but in other words, you just need to go out and catch them all.