Aorus Motherboard And Core I9-9900K Processor Offered At Bundle For $1,600

Aorus Motherboard And Core I9-9900K Processor Offered At Bundle For $1,600
Credit: Aorus

Gigabyte is bundling the Core i9-9900K processor and the Aorus motherboard for $1,600. It’s either a huge deal or an expensive bargain, depending on your budget.

The Core i9-9900K processor has made it to PCGamer’s list of best CPU dedicated to gaming. It’s billed as the fastest CPU in the market today for gaming. It also has several extra cores for other tasks, as well.

Nevertheless, the i9-9900K processor has the highest optimum overclock around. This more than makes up for its shortcomings in terms of core counts compared to, say, the Threadripper 2990WX. For instance, mated with the right parts, you can push this CPU to 5.0GHz right out the box.

This processor is being sold at Amazon for $509.99.

Overclocking, as most gamers know, will boost the performance of your computer without paying extra for upgrades. Those who overclock want to push their computers to their optimum capacity.

This process is not for beginners; however, as overclocking your GPU may result in overheating components. It will also drastically cut the lifespan of your unit.

Meanwhile, the Aorus Xtreme is considered one of the most expensive motherboards around. Retailing at about $900, the Aorus is distinguished by the all-in-one monoblock that optimizes cooling.

The Aorus features the Z390 Intel chip and copper-PCB design, as well as an IR Digital VRM (16-phase), DDR4 and 4 DIMMS. It’s also geared for the Intel Optane Memory.

The motherboard is designed to be paired perfectly with the Core i9-9900K processor as it supports the eighth and ninth generation chips.

Although if you find the $900 price tag too much for you, you can purchase the non-waterforce option. The Gigabyte Z390 Aorus motherboard works much like the Waterforce but without the liquid-cooling feature.

You can purchase one and then mate it with the Core i9-9900K and still have a monster for a desktop.

The beauty about this Gigabyte bundle, however, is that the company subjected each device to a stress-test. Those that manage to pass the overclocking test are sold in the Gigabyte bundle. This means that you know the whole thing works even if you spend the $1,600 for the bundle.

Of course, the Gigabyte bundle is not for everybody. Buying both the Aorus Waterforce and the Core i9 will leave a massive hole in your wallet. Besides, some may insist that for gaming, the combined specifications of the chipset and the motherboard is already overkilled.