Acer’s ED273 Abidpx 27” Is Just $209 – This Curve Monitor Deal From Newegg Is A Must Grab

Acer’s ED273 Abidpx 27” Is Just $209 – This Curve Monitor Deal From Newegg Is A Must Grab

Those who want to shop for another gaming monitor should take a look at Acer’s big beauty. Acer’s ED273 Abidpx 27” is a fantastic display, which can be purchased at Newegg. It’s already discounted by $70. What’s great is there’s an additional $20 off if they’ll use promotional code during the checkout.

This is an outstanding panel for video gaming because its refresh rate is 144hz and it’s 1080p. Its response time is very quick at 4ms. It’s a 27-, so this big broad beauty won’t just satisfy those who love to play battle royale games or vintage game lovers because it will also thrill those who love cinema.

Those who love movies will definitely adore this multipurpose panel and it will really provide a cinematic experience especially if paired with excellent speakers.

Those who haven’t experienced a curved monitor yet should try this product from Acer because it’s inexpensive and it won’t break a bank for a new fun and practical experience. The panel’s visual splendor will certainly amaze house or office guests when they visit whether to watch a movie together, to play games together, or to present a report to a group of people.

Everyone deserves a beautiful and big display on their desk to enjoy the hottest and latest games. Luckily, Acer’s curved new monitor’s price is a bargain. It can be bought at just $209. They just need to use EMCTYTV47 as a voucher code.

This promo is a rare deal because people just need to pay money for the price of a flat display and what they’ll get is a curved monitor. To have a curve screen means a gamer will have a better immersive gaming experience because it feels more realistic than the standard gaming PC display. There’s more screen depth. Factors such as viewing distance and curve radius come into play as well.

This display with a unique construction provides a natural viewing perspective, so it’s best for working professionals who need to work in front of a computer for hours. It’s great for programmers, video editors, and people who work in finance because these individuals need to look at big areas of the screen.

It’s cozy for a close viewing feel. Most people want to get closer to the action, and this curved display will quench that thirst.

The reflection will also be lessened so people can stare at their screen for a longer period of time. Flat monitors can hurt eyes so for those who want to try a curved monitor should get this merchandise from Acer because it’s a good deal because of its price point and discount.

There are better-curved displays out there. For those who are just transitioning, Acer’s ED273 Abidpx 27” is the kind of deal to grab.