Expect To Control Entire Party Of Adventurers In The Next Dwarf Fortress Update

Expect To Control Entire Party Of Adventurers In The Next Dwarf Fortress Update
Credit: Bay 12 Games: Dwarf Fortress

An upcoming Dwarf Fortress update will allow players to control a team of dwarves in an RPG-style format.

Tarn Adams, the creator of Dwarf Fortress, told PCGamer in an interview that they’ve revamped the whole Adventure mode to make it more exciting.

Whereas before, players didn’t have a lot of options in terms of picking up items, as well as where they start. Now, each character will start with a number of points, which will allow players to buy items. This makes it easier to customize the character.

Another expected addition to the Dwarf Fortress update would the JRPG mode. This will allow players to control not just one character but several dwarves at once. Adams said this part was easy for them to decide because characters already travel by pack.

It wouldn’t have been possible to retool Dwarf Fortress as a rogue-like game if they didn’t have the technology in place. Fortunately, he said they have the right foundation with which to build upon.

In rogue-like games, creators needed to design a different AI for companions or allies. In their case, they already have that so they can create a certain number of companions and even pets.

What about the battles?

Adams said that the player can only control one character. The AI algorithm will assist the character in fighting the enemy. Nevertheless, players can also go “old school” where they control every character but take turns in launching attacks.

You might have to go old-school here, especially since the villains are buffed to boost the difficulty level. But he said that these villains are not the traditional big boss you have to defeat with axes and swords. Instead, they plot and scheme in order to bring down your fortress.

He mentioned that these villains may launch a coup to overthrow the leadership or smuggle artifacts out to weaken you. Your task, therefore, is to try to unravel the plot and catch the schemers.

Last year, Dwarf Fortress released an update, which boosts the short-term memory capacity of the dwarves. These eight types will allow several combinations that will impact on the stress level of the dwarves. However, these short-term memories will gradually develop into long-term memories.

Dwarf Fortress is a building simulation and adventure game that can be deceptively simple. Players start with a party of dwarves, as well as tools and other equipment. However, the dwarves themselves are very unpredictable, so you have to manage different personalities, as well.