Cooler Master Launches Compact PC Case With Ample Cooling And Storage Support

Cooler Master Launches Compact PC Case With Ample Cooling And Storage Support
Credit: Cooler Master

When it comes to PC cases, bigger is not always better. Cooler Master has launched the MasterBox Q500L, which it describes as “deceptively small” PC case. Although it looks small, the innovative design allows you to insert an ATX hardware in addition to gaming video cards.

For instance, you can push 14-inch graphics cards inside and still have room to spare. According to PCGamer, this is not a hollow claim. A GeForce RTX 2080 card is only around 12 inches, and that already includes three cooling fans

For cooling support, the MasterBox Q500L can support two 4-inch fans at the bottom. You can also affix a 4-inch fan or a 4-inch radiator at the rear. Finally, the top portion can accommodate two 4-inch fans or an 8-inch radiator.

You may think there’s no more room for storage.

But you can mount two 3.5-inch drives or four 2.5-inch drives. Another possible configuration is one 3.5-inch drive and two 2.5-inch drives.

The internal case can quickly adapt depending on the motherboard used. If you are using an ATX, the PSU will be affixed to the top-front of the case. This can be adjusted downward or upward.

However, if you are building a mini-ITX, the PSU can be mounted on the bottom-rear. This gives the added advantage of more ventilation at the front.

The whole case of the MasterBox Q500L is covered by magnetic dust filters. This will enable the owner to easily clean the filters using rubber stompers. It’s also easy to remove and install the filters.

The unique design of the MasterBox Q500L is quite a welcome development. Most compact cases in its category in the market today can only support mini-ATX motherboards. One example would be the Manta by NZXT, which is considered one of the best compact cases around.

This new product by Cooler Master has even smaller dimensions compared to the Manta. The measurement of the case is 386 (length) x 230 (width) x 381 (height) millimeters. The NZXT case, meanwhile, measures 450 x 245 x 426 millimeters.

The MasterBox Q500L is perfect for consumers with little workspaces. For a cleaner setup, two holes (27-30 mm) at the rear of the motherboard tray can help manage the cables. This whole side is actually dedicated to holding the wires and cables.

The MasterBox Q500L can stand upright or on its sides due to rubberized screws that can be adjusted accordingly.

You can buy this case for under $60.