Week 4, Day 2 Overview, And Summary Of League European Championship 2020 By Scairtin

Week 4, Day 2 Overview, And Summary Of League European Championship 2020 By Scairtin
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

The fourth week of LEC was a big upset for some top tiers of the region.

While the top 4 is clear between Origen/G2 Esports/Fnatic/Rogue, the bottom tier teams standings are unclear.

Team Vitality vs Misfits

Sett / Elise / Cassiopeia / Ezreal / Pyke vs Aatrox / Sejuani / Le’Blanc / Aphelios / Thresh

Vitality has yet to pick up a single win this LEC season. While Vitality is looking better every game and should’ve picked up a win a long time ago, they have some flaws which have not yet been fixed. Misfits, on the other hand, are looking better with every game they’ve reached top 4 quite easily and are looking to maintain it.

Misfits almost had a clean game, Vitality picked up only 2 towers and a dragon, while Misfits picked up 4 dragons, 2 rift heralds, 2 barons, and 11 towers. Febiven is looking like one of the best LEC mid laners again.

Rogue vs SK Gaming

Aatrox / Lee Sin / Ryze / Aphelios / Braum vs Sett / Gragas / Viktor / Ezreal / Tahm

Rogue is having great games lately, they’ve improved heavily compared to last season after replacing their ADC HeaQ with Hans Sama. Hans Sama is a perfect ADC who knows how to position himself and do damage without dying compared to his predecessor.

The game wasn’t even at all, Rogue picked up all objectives besides 1 tower and 1 dragon, which went in favor of SK Gaming. With the loss of Pirean and Selfmade, SK Gaming is looking quite poor and unsure if it’s possible for them to bounce back.

G2 Esports vs Schalke 04

Ornn / Lee Sin / Ryze / Aphelios / Nautilus vs Aatrox / Gragas / Cassiopeia / Ezreal / Rakan

G2 Esports have picked up the second loss against a bottom-tier team. Schalke went significant changes in the past few weeks, with Gilius benched and Forg1ven rage quitting the team mid-split, due to insufficient effort from his teammates according to his twitter. Prior to this game, there were multiple rumors that G2 Esports will for sure lose the game as per tradition compared to bottom-tier teams in the past.

While G2 Esports played quite badly, Schalke 04 deserves praise for picking up the first win against a top tier LEC team.

Fnatic vs MAD Lions

Sett / Elise / Ryze / Aphelios / Nautilus vs Gankplank / Lee sin / Zoe / Miss Fortune / Rakan

Fnatic copied G2 strat of losing the game this week. They looked quite uncoordinated and played more of a solo que game rather than a LEC game. All 3 lanes got dumpstered, credits to Mad Lions jungler on Lee Sin, who carried the game with no issues.

That is all for Day 2 of Week 4 coverage of LEC 2020, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days.