The Turn-Based Fights In Tight Spaces Is Set To Release Later This Year; A New Trailer Is Out Now

The Turn-Based Fights In Tight Spaces Is Set To Release Later This Year; A New Trailer Is Out Now
Credit: GameSpot Gameplay via YouTube

One of the more unique fighting games set to come out this year is Fights in Tight Spaces. It’s a fighter that incorporates a lot of unique elements into one successful recipe, including deck-building and turn-based strategy. It just received an announcement trailer that shows off some of the gameplay and unique visuals firsthand.

The first thing that catches the eye are the unique visuals. They have a very artsy style to them with minimal designs. They work well in putting more of an emphasis on gameplay, much like the visuals in the game Superhot. Like that game as well, you get to use the environment to your advantage. There are thus plenty of tricks to master right out of the gate.

The trailer then shows some of the deck-building aspects. There are a wide variety of maneuver cards you’ll be able to collect and form into the perfect strategy. Which order you place these cards dramatically impacts how each fight takes place. Once you have all of your cards ready, the battle sequences will commence. They have been beautifully illustrated by the developer, Ground Shatter.

There are sequences that show the user throwing kicks and others featuring quick dashes. They really captivate your attention and make every combat situation just as unique as the next. The game isn’t even out yet, but already, Fights in Tight Spaces is showing a lot of promise.

It’s not often when you get a fighter game featuring this blend of awesome visuals and unique combat mechanics. It also seems great if you’re looking to use a lot of strategy, as opposed to games that involve button-mashing. You’ll have to be articulate with your card placement and character movement. One mistake could be the end of the line, which creates added tension with every blow.

As you progress in the game, you’ll get to learn the systems and also enhance your character’s abilities. There are a range of enhancements you’ll be able to collect as well as you become proficient with fighting in tight spaces. In addition to taking out enemies, you’ll get to protect high-asset VIPs.

Overall, Fights in Tight Spaces looks like it’s showing a ton of potential. Again, it doesn’t have an official release window except for it being confirmed for this year. Still, the wait seems worth the clever designs both visually and performance-wise. It even has the potential to get even better as we draw closer to a release date.