The Surreal Graphical-Styled RPG Hylics 2 Is Now Out For PC

The Surreal Graphical-Styled RPG Hylics 2 Is Now Out For PC
Credit: Mason Lindroth via YouTube

Hylics 2 is one of the more unique RPGs in that it features a unique graphic style that is almost surreal. Trailers and screenshots paint a pretty dream-like gaming experience where colors, shapes, and bizarre elements are thrown together.

If you’re looking to check out its distinct nature, now you can. It’s officially out for PC on Steam and So what exactly is Hylics 2 and is it worth the purchase? Let’s find out.

Before getting into the unique gameplay and otherworldly visuals, first let’s talk about the story. It revolves around a group of heroes trying to stop a tyrant named Gibby, who has minions that are trying to get their master back on the throne.

Seems simple enough, but it’s the gameplay where things take a turn for the strange and unusual. The stop-motion animation definitely makes the characters stand out right away. As does the clay animation and pixel art.

The combination of these elements really add to Hylics 2’s unique flare. You definitely won’t come across these sort of graphics often, that’s for sure.

As Wayne, you’ll head out with your companions through 3-D environments — which are just as unique as the enemies you’ll encounter. Throughout your journeys, you’ll get to explore more of this game’s lore and hidden secrets.

The developer doesn’t hold your hand in this regard. They want you to find story elements yourself as to have new understanding for how everything came to be.

When you’re not exploring and interacting with characters, you’ll get to engage in turn-based combat. Keeping things fresh are the 25 adversaries, all of which have distinct skills and behaviors. You’ll have to study them thoroughly to find weaknesses in their defenses.

Hylics 2 even has optional side content, such as platformer mini-games. They definitely help break up the combat and exploring elements. Who would have thought a game this strange would be as well-rounded as it is?

It’s great to see and just goes to show that you don’t need a huge budget to come up with something compelling. Like Mason Lindroth — the game’s developer — sometimes you just need to think outside the box to come up with something novel and fun.

If the surreal visuals, fun RPG elements, or story sound like your cup of tea, you can head to either or Steam to claim your copy. Just be ready to go on a unique journey that will take you to the outer limits of strange.