The Great Perhaps Invites Players To A Time-Traveling Adventure Seeon To Release On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

The Great Perhaps Invites Players To A Time-Traveling Adventure Seeon To Release On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch
Credit: Daedelic Entertainment via Youtube

The Great Perhaps originally released on Steam back in August of last year. The game takes players on an unusual time-traveling adventure as you play as an astronaut who has just returned to Earth. Among the ruins of humanity, he finds a strange artifact that brings him to a different time.

Explore the past, embrace the present, and discover the future of humanity’s fate. Caligari Games offers players a chance to go on an epic adventure on their preferred system as The Great Perhaps travels to new platforms.

The Great Perhaps will take you on an epic 2D adventure. This is an indie title full of adventure and casual expiration. Using the old later, players can glimpse into the past and explore the truth of what happened to the planet’s surface.

This is an adventure of constant time travel as you explore an empty post-apocalyptic Earth that is only a memory of its former itself. As you explore the present, danger will pursue you in the past as you continue on his journey to see the truth.

Enjoy challenging puzzle experience filled with mini-games and small challenges all revolving around time travel. As you embrace the atmosphere’s passive terror you will learn more about the Soviet world and the fate of humanity.

This game features an innovative storytelling style not found in other titles of this style. Enjoy memorable stories and characters that bind the past and present back together. This is a deep and interactive narrative that is sure to enchant players with a new and evolving perspective.

Built into the background is an interactive soundtrack that continues to adapt with the changing timeline and world. As you learn more about the world the soundtrack continues to evolve to give an ever building sensation.

The entire game is presented with a wistful and unique hand-drawn 2D art style. Enjoy the environment’s subtle detail with a soft and storybook look.

If you enjoy deep storytelling with simple controls then this title is a good recommendation. Although it is a horror game it still holds to an almost calming environment in a vast and empty 2D world.

The Great Perhaps can be found right now on Steam. For console players, the game is already available to release on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 right now. Make sure to check your preferred store to purchase this unique and stunning adventure to save Earth.