The Game Bar For Windows PC Users Is Getting A Makeover; Will Show Off New Features

The Game Bar For Windows PC Users Is Getting A Makeover; Will Show Off New Features
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If you use Windows to play your favorite PC gamers, you’re probably already familiar with the Game Bar. This tool developed by Microsoft lets you take control of various gaming activities, including taking screenshots and streaming gameplay. It has been a great resource overall, and it looks like it’s about to get even better.

A recent report was put out by Microsoft, detailing some upgrades they’re making to this already fantastic tool. One of particular importance is a Spotify widget bar. It lets you access your Spotify library and conveniently play some of your favorite tunes while gaming. No longer do you have to open up your Spotify app directly and interrupt your gaming session.

On a more hilarious note, Microsoft is adding a meme-making feature that lets gamers put funny captions, graphics, and text on any screenshots taken. It’s an interesting addition given how popular memes have become these days. You can’t go without seeing them online today, especially if you visit gaming forums.

Gamers are always looking for fun ways to connect with their friends, and the Game Bar’s meme-making tool should elevate these experiences even more. You can already picture the type of funny content that gamers will be looking to create.

There will also be a new chat feature widget, which is targeted specifically towards Xbox users. It enables you to pull up your list of friends, making it easy to send voice chats and text notifications while playing Windows PC games. It’s a feature that has been needed for quite some time, quite honestly. The widget also lets your friends see exactly what game you’re playing. You can then talk about the game or invite your friends in on the fun.

Best of all, you’ll be able to customize where your widgets go. Every PC gamer has a different preference, and this custom setting lets them design the Game Bar exactly how they want it. Widgets that you don’t use can even be hidden, making it where only your favorite widgets are visible.

To have access to these fantastic upgrades, you’ll need to update your Windows computer and also sign up for the Xbox Insiders program. Once you do, you’ll instantly have access to the new version of the Game Bar. If you use Windows a lot for PC gaming, this Game Bar is a must-have feature. It truly enhances your social experiences.