The Darkmoon Faire Has Arrived For The First Time In World Of Warcraft: Classic!

The Darkmoon Faire Has Arrived For The First Time In World Of Warcraft: Classic!
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

It’s been a big few days for World of Warcraft: Classic! Blizzard has been adding in new content at a breakneck pace. Blackwing Lair opened up a few days ago, and the Valentine’s Day event, Love is in the Air, kicked off on the eleventh. Now Blizzard is bringing in a fan favorite that’s still active on the modern Battle for Azeroth servers, the Darkmoon Faire!

The Darkmoon Faire is a faction-neutral camp of carnies that set up shop in a starting zone for each faction, hanging out in Mulgore for Horde players and Elwynn Forest for Alliance players. Of course, given that the Faire is neutral, any player can visit the Faire regardless of which zone it’s currently located in. The Faire also rotates once a month – currently, it’s set up in Mulgore, but next month it’ll be set up in Elwynn.

As a note, the Classic iteration of the Darkmoon Faire is incredibly different from the modern version on the Battle for Azeroth servers. Rather than taking a portal to the Faire grounds, you’ll simply walk amongst the circle of tents that have been set up in whichever zone the month calls for. There aren’t any carnival games, and there’s no roller coaster to ride. To be frank, it’s honestly. . . drastically inferior to the modern version of the Faire.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to go and enjoy the festivities! There are plenty of exclusive goodies and buffs that you can find throughout. One NPC named Sayge, for example, will tell your fortune and give you a two-hour buff (as well as a fun little written fortune). You’ll find a handful of vendors selling exclusive goods, including an orc boy named Flik running around and selling frogs and leather balls.

Players can find one of the most powerful alcoholic beverages being sold by Sylannia here as well, so that’s always a good item to stock up on! Near her, Stamp Thunderhorn sells the classic Faire snacks – deep-fried candy bars, crunch frogs, and pickled Kodo feet are all in good supply.

Of course, one of the most important NPCs on deck at the Faire is Professor Thaddeus Paleo, a human with a great interest in full decks of Darkmoon cards. If you’ve managed to collect a full deck, Paleo will happily exchange it for an epic-quality trinket, depending on which deck you turn in.

The Faire will be active until February 16th! Afterwards, the Faire will appear again in Elwynn Forest on March 9th, lasting until March 15th. Make sure you stock up on as many pickled Kodo feet as possible between Faires – they don’t give a buff or anything, they’re just pretty tasty.