T1 Advance To LCK Spring Playoff Finals After Decisive Win Over DragonX To Face Gen.G

T1 Advance To LCK Spring Playoff Finals After Decisive Win Over DragonX To Face Gen.G
Credit: EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library via YouTube

T1 came prepared today to dismantle DragonX. They’ll move on to the LCK Spring Split playoff finals and face the leader in the standings, Gen.G, following a strong 3-1 victory over DRX.

After easily claiming the first two wins, a clean sweep wasn’t out of the question for T1. But DRX changed their plan coming into the third game and managed to take it. With the momentum from their win in the third game, DRX tried to tie up the series but ultimately failed due to T1 playing better, both individually and as a team.

The first game featured a lot of unconventional picks from DRX that have barely seen any play during LCK’s regular split, such as mid Gangplank and bottom lane Victor. But T1 were prepared for it and swept the first game with ease. Canna was a decisive factor on Ornn with his well-timed ultimates.

After their decisive win in the first game, T1 completely changed their draft alongside DRX and came out ahead once again. Canna played phenomenally in the top lane with his Jayce pick. He stomped DRX’s top laner Doran in and out of the lane.

After two decisive wins, T1 managed to lose the third game in convincing fashion, setting up the road for a possible reverse sweep. DRX weren’t able to deliver on this and succumbed to T1’s superior gameplay and vision control. The series ended with a quadra kill for Teddy’s Kalista—Chovy denied him the penta by running away from his base.

T1 went through a shaky offseason, losing their star top laner and jungler. But they picked worthy replacements in Canna and Cuzz. While Cuzz was already known in the scene and the community knew what to expect, Canna is a rookie who played on the trainee roster of T1. He’s shown a formidable display of skill and will most likely continue to play over Roach.

The top side of Canna and Cuzz looks great and is on par with the duo of Khan and Clid from the previous iteration of T1. If Canna and Cuzz keep growing, they’ll most likely overtake the previous duo with their gameplay. Khan was known for being inconsistent and this issue doesn’t seem to be appropriate for Canna, who’s producing strong results game after game.

T1’s next match will be against the top team in the LCK Spring Split standings, Gen.G. These two teams have a deep history together with Gen.G having acquired T1’s ex jungler, Clid. While Gen.G were able to dominate most teams, they’ve failed in both series against T1 during the regular season. If they didn’t fix their mistakes, then T1 could be poised to win another championship.

The LCK Spring Split playoff finals will be played on Saturday, April 25 at 4am CT. Tune in to see who will take home the crown in this battle of the titans on the official LCK  Riot broadcast.