Stardew Valley Studio Is Looking For Administrators Who Are Multi-Dimensional And Willing To Assume Multiple Positions

Stardew Valley Studio Is Looking For Administrators Who Are Multi-Dimensional And Willing To Assume Multiple Positions

Are you hardworking, ambitious, and career-driven? Do you have 10 hands? If you check yes, then Stardew Valley has a job offer for you!

At least the original job description seemed like the position of an administrator is overwhelming.

Well, actually, the administrator is the condensed version. The job title is an HR manager accountant, business development producer, and social media administrator all rolled into one.

Generally, your job as an administrator is to manage the office, including the calendars for projects and team members. You will also create performance reports as well as internal or external memos. You will also be expected to “make adjustments” on the corporate website.

Aside from that, you will handle the social media platforms, gather all the feedback, answer emails. Then you will be tasked to oversee the payroll software and employee benefits and help in the hiring. Of course, you have to make sure the company is compliant with all the state and federal government rules.

Meanwhile, office supplies will be your responsibility. Better make sure everything is spic and span. You will also be responsible for mailing packages or running errands.

On the financial side, you will collate reports and invoices and make sure everything is accounted for. You will also work with another accounting firm to rationalize all your financials. All financial records should be kept by you for tax purposes.

Sounds a lot?

It’s really not, said Eric Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley.

In a series of tweets, he said that itemizing the job description made it seem overwhelming. He conceded that people are misinterpreting what the company intended and what they are actually searching for.

He said that he should have been clearer when he posted the job description. However, he said that he’s been doing all those for the past seven years. In fact, all those tasks only take up a fraction of his time. However, he added some tasks in there, which he said any administrator can do.

But he said that he’s had help with a payroll or HR software to manage the office tasks. His accountant is also available to help the incoming administrator. However, the job is not to take over all this responsibility. That’s because Barone is still going to be around to help run Stardew Valley.

Instead, what Barone wants for the new Stardew Valley administrator is to help manage and interface the existing system.