Sea Of Thieves Is Getting A New Update Next Week Called Heart Of Fire

Sea Of Thieves Is Getting A New Update Next Week Called Heart Of Fire
Credit: Sea of Thieves via YouTube

The Sea of Thieves community has been pretty busy lately with regular content updates. This action-adventure game by Rare started off a little rocky, but has since found its sea legs. A new update is already being put out next week titled Heart of Fire. What is this update and is it worth checking out for pirate-lovers and adventure-seekers alike? Let’s take a deeper look.

The first major addition is a new Tall Tale. Now, Rare has decided not to go into complete specifics as to keep some of the suspense — but they did show a little bit of the environments your pirate will get to explore. There are firetraps everywhere. They are intended to add a little bit of environmental stimuli to this new experience.

An announcement trailer just released for Heart of Fire, which shows these firetraps in action. They look particularly lethal so you’ll definitely want to stay vigilant and take the right paths away from them if you can. Speaking of paths, this update is including a lot of options for players to discover. Rare’s intent here is to keep experiences novel. Each time you move past these firetraps, there’s a new area to explore.

Along with these firetraps is a new projectile. Called Blunderbomb, this new resource is designed to clear paths up ahead. So if crates or some boulders are blocking your path, a well-placed Blunderbomb should do the trick.

The Pirate Emporium is also receiving new items, even ones with a banana theme. Only in Sea of Thieves would you be able to find these sort of goodies. Finally, some impactful life improvements are coming next week. For instance, if you change your cosmetics, your new outfit selection should show up when you load back into the game. That has been a major issue that has affected select gamers in Sea of Thieves.

Heart of Fire certainly seems like a worthy update that should give Sea of Thieves players more content and experiences to enjoy. Rare is always thinking of ways to keep this game going strong, even well into 2020. If they keep up these efforts, there’s no telling how much longer this game and its community can continue to thrive. There always seems to be something meaningful to look forward to in terms of content and gear. Rare has put out a detailed trailer breakdown if you’re interested in learning about all of the specifics.