Round 1 Of North America’s League Championship Series Playoffs, Cloud 9 Vs 100 Thieves

Round 1 Of North America’s League Championship Series Playoffs, Cloud 9 Vs 100 Thieves
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

If there were any doubts about who was the best League of Legends team in the LCS, there shouldn’t be any questions after Cloud9’s dominant performance against 100 Thieves in the first round of the 2020 LCS Spring Split playoffs today.

From games one through three, it didn’t feel like 100 Thieves had much of a chance against the North American powerhouse. On an individual level, C9’s firepower is already extremely strong. But on a team level, it’s clear that C9 are heads and shoulders above the competition.

The team’s star mid laner, Nisqy, ended with Player of the Series honors. Through three games of Zoe, the 21-year-old collected an incredible scoreline with 17 kills, 19 assists, and no deaths. The rest of the team looked great too, with Blaber running over Meteos for most of the series. Ultimately, 100 Thieves were just outclassed by the best team in the region.

Now, C9 will move on to face Evil Geniuses in the second round of the winners bracket. This matchup is highly anticipated since C9 replaced Svenskeren, Kumo, and Zeyzal on their own roster before the start of 2020. Now, they have a chance to show why their former management made the wrong decision by knocking them out of the playoffs.

Meanwhile, 100 Thieves will have to face off against TSM in the losers bracket. They didn’t look good at all in this series, but hopefully for fans of the team, they’ll be able to provide some competition when they take the stage.

Cloud 9 are the most dominant team North American has seen in the past years. Even Team Liquid at their prime did not look as dominant as they are currently. There is al to of cohesion and trust between Cloud 9’s teammates, which allows them to dominate everyone. Even though their perfect streak was ruined by TSM, they still look unstopable and the absolute contender for the LCS championship.

100 Thieves should be proud of themselves. They’ve improved a lot after the poor performance last year. The reunited squad of Meteos, Ssumday and Cody Sun is a good fountain of the game. The addition of Ry0ma and Stunt improved the team by a lot. They should look to fix some of their glaring issues and they might be a good contender for the LCS championship next year. Cloud 9 will be playing Evil Geniuses next match while 100 Thieves will be fighting Team Solo Mid.

Stay tuned in the upcoming days for more information about the playoff matches.