Rocket League’s Unwritten Rule Just Cost Rowan University A Match Against Akron

Rocket League’s Unwritten Rule Just Cost Rowan University A Match Against Akron
Credit: Paul Spoon via YouTube

It might be sacrilege to write it out, but there’s an unspoken rule in Pysonix popular competitive title, Rocket League.  It’s also known as ‘the gentleman’s agreement’, ‘Rule 1’, and simply ‘the Unwritten Rule’.  In the event that two cars of opposing teams meet head to head and neither of them explodes, both players keep the acceleration pressed, driving into each other.

Ideally, the 3v3 match-up that is common in Rocket League simply progresses as a 2v2, with a player from each team locked into an eternal shoving content.  It brings a sudden shift in dynamic, as both teams must gamble with positioning as they alternate between attack and defense.  Sometimes, a player locked into ‘the gentleman’s agreement’ may call a teammate to arrive and demolish the opposing member, allowing both vehicles to return to play.

Granted, there’s nothing really at stake if a player opts to simply dodge the car lock, or jumping out of the lock to return to play.  Yet it’s something that has become a bit of a classic event in Rocket League, and there’s much rejoicing by all when both teams play by the unwritten rules until a goal is scored by active players.

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s very much a thing in the title.

Collegiate Rocket League is in its third week, and AKR Blue was matched against Rowan, with the universities represented being theUniversity of Akron and Rowan University, respectively .  Rowan has been a fierce rival for AKR Blue in the past, winning decidedly every timee that they were matched up.

On the second match of the best of three series, Rowan found themselves ahead by one when Busse (Rowan) found himself locked head-to-head with Salt (AKR Blue).

The casters were beside themselves laughing for two minutes while the remaining teams scurried about in desperate plays, all while carefully avoiding both Busse and Salt.  The contest ended with less than two minutes remaining as AKR Blue found an opportunity as Rowan was struggling to rotate back into defense from a failed attack.

The point ended up giving AKR Blue the advantage necessary to take the map at (2-1), although the victory was admittedly short-lived.  Rowan once again successfully brought it back without making it appear as much of a contest, bringing the series to their favor (1-3).  Granted, even if it resulted in Rowan dropping the entirety of the series, there isn’t too much ego in the competitive league, as many college players are more into it for a scheduled competition.