Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta On PlayStation 4 And Steam Delayed By Technical Issues

Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta On PlayStation 4 And Steam Delayed By Technical Issues
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

After being scorned by almost every JRPG to come to consoles, it’s finally time to shine for the Xbox One; they’re currently the only platform able to explore the Resident Evil Resistance open beta.  PlayStation 4 and Steam owners need to sit on their hands as an unnamed technical issue has caused both platform offerings to be delayed.  Capcom has announced that the moment that the technical issue is solved, the open beta would become available for both of the delayed platforms; no one is entirely sure how long that would take, however.  Various sources have mentioned times that range from a few hours to Sunday, in order for the ‘technical issue’ to be resolved.

Resident Evil Resistance is the 1v4 PvP multiplayer aspect that is coming to Resident Evil 3 which is set to release on April third.  In RE Resistance, one player will control summoning and possessing various monstrosities while the other players all attempt to escape from wherever they may find themselves.

The open beta that invited everyone to try to survive together (or, conversely, rip them apart like/with dogs) was supposed to have been well underway already before Capcom made the announcement.

The open beta is supposed to last all weekend to generate word-of-mouth and general hype for the upcoming Resident Evil 3, although this set-back is unlikely to hinder the excitement in any measurable way.  Presuming, of course, that it’s fixed before launch in one week.

It’s admittedly a short time frame to operate in, and Capcom generally being close-mouthed on this isn’t exactly helping stem concerns either.

From previous marketing videos and screenshots of the game in development, the consensus appears to be universal in regards to the jaw-dropping graphics and character emotion appropriately conveyed on the face of humans in the title, particularly the indomitable Jill Valentine.  Jill finds herself in peril yet again as one of the last few remaining humans in Raccoon City as Umbrella generally wreak havoc, doing whatever may fancy them.

Just like real life.

The good news is that there is still a demo available to be downloaded on Steam for Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City which allows players to explore a sizeable chunk of the perilous city while also getting a feel for the action that Resident Evil 3 will offer when it does finally release.  For now, it seems like Capcom is dealing with more than one Nemesis, and we’re all crossing our fingers that it can be dealt with appropriately in time for the release.