Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Can Now Rob More Banks Thanks To Latest Mod

Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Can Now Rob More Banks Thanks To Latest Mod
Credit: TagBackTV via YouTube

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been one of the most successful games from Rockstar in recent memory. It improves upon the original in every important way, from the gripping story to the copious amounts of online content. The base game also really doesn’t get any better. There are just so many things to do thanks to Rockstar’s beloved open-world system.

Another reason why people have loved RDR2 is because of the modding community. They have come out strong with a lot of great changes. One of the more recent mods has given players the ability to rob more banks in the campaign portion of the game, without having to complete the main story. The mod comes from the powerful duo Jedijosh920 and Unlosing.

Essentially, it lets players walk into more banks and hold them up for some epic scores. The list of banks include Saint Denis Bank, Rhodes Bank, and Valentine Bank. For this mod to work, though, players will need to have the ScriptHook mod already set up. It can be downloaded from a community page, which is pretty easy to access.

Overall, this mod is a great way to earn some in-game cash. There are a lot of items you want to have, especially early on in the game. One successful bank robbery will net you quite a bit of cash that you can then turn around for some great gear, from new outfits to heavy-duty rifles.

What you do with the spoils of robbery is completely up to you. Just make sure that you have a sound heist plan and are sharp from start to finish. Otherwise, you’ll be staring down the barrel of shotguns, pistols, and long-range rifles.

This is just one of the many mods that can be found in RDR2. It really is the game that keeps on giving, even now in 2020. For this reason, players keep sticking around with the title and this doesn’t seem like it will change any time soon. Best of all, these mods are absolutely free. All you have to do is find the right link and activate the download. It’s that simple.

Who knows what the modding community will come up with next? One thing is for certain: Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t going anywhere any time soon. As Rockstar takes their time with the next Grand Theft Auto installment, this wild west open world will still be providing amazing thrills in almost every single way you can think of. There is plenty to hold GTA fans over.