PSUs And PC Case Makers, CHIEFTEC, Has Just Announced Two New Cases Namely: Hawk And Scorpion 3

PSUs And PC Case Makers, CHIEFTEC, Has Just Announced Two New Cases Namely: Hawk And Scorpion 3

CHIEFTEC recently announced two new PC cases, the Hawk case and the Scorpion 3 case, both of which come with a glass-like side panel.

The first of the new cases is the Scorpion 3 (GL-03B-0P) which has recent upgrades like its dual fans of the former case, to the long-awaited Tornado series fans. Not only are these fans upgraded to Tornado, but they are entirely silent as opposed to the previously fans installed.

The second of the recent cases is the HAWK (AL-02B-TG-OP). This specific case both features a lustrous aluminum top/front panel and also a glass-type side panel.

Scorpion 3 (GL-O3B-0P)
The Scorpion 3 case happens to be the newest addition to the Scorpion-series product line. This particular case, as stated above, has been upgraded to the new Tornado fans, and they are four pre-installed (A-RGB-type) Rainbow fans.

Out of the many features built with the Tornado fans, the ones that stand out are its anti-vibration rubber pads and shock-absorbing ability. However, the most significant update happens to be the new fan-blade design.

With one of the front-fan at the rear of the case and built as an exhaust, while the remaining three fans are situated in the front to allow air in, this setup enables good airflow to pass through both the central processor and other components built into the case.

For instance, if you have a system that makes use of liquid cooling, then you’re in luck because these new cases have support for three 240 mm or 120 mm located on the front.

For two, it also supports 240 mm or 120 mm radiator placed on the top of the new case, while for one, it supports only a 120 mm heater placed on the rear. The Scorpion 3 also has one feature that hasn’t been mentioned until now; it’s this new slide to open mechanisms.

The purpose of this new mechanism is to allow for the tempered glass-type side panel easily removable and re-installed.

The second newly released PC-case is the HAWK AL-03B-TG-OP, which does not come with the new slide-to-open mechanism, yet, it still offers the glass-type side panel. With no slide-to-open tool, this means no re-installing or removing the glass panel quickly.

However, devs/gamers would find this particular case ideal because of its polished aluminum design. Its front panel features a 5.25′ slot. Overall, the design depicts simplicity at its core in comparison to Scorpion 3.

Both PC cases have support for even ATX motherboards. For those interested in installing VGA cards, the limit is up to 349 mm, and the tallest CPU cooler can take up to 166 mm. However, as at the time of writing, no price information regarding both cases have been released.

Stay tuned for more updates on this subject matter!