Pathologic 2’s Marble Nest DLC Is Set To Launch Next Week, This Surreal Horror Experience Just Got Stranger

Pathologic 2’s Marble Nest DLC Is Set To Launch Next Week, This Surreal Horror Experience Just Got Stranger
Credit: Ice-Pick Lodge

Ice-Pick Lodge dug their way into the horror world with a punishing plague horror experience called Pathologic 2. The game is a story-based sandbox experience where you are trying to survive a plague. You play as a doctor in a secluded town who is trying his hardest to keep the small community together.

There is tons of things happening in the world around you, but this DLC will expand that even further. Adding more content to a sandbox game is always interesting, and many are sying the Ice-Pick Lodge has done a good job with this expansion.

The most stressful part of the game is the never-ending timer. You only have 12 days to survive the game. Manage your bodily functions, offset hunger, thirst, exhaustion while still scavenging resources and trying to win allies. It is up to you how you survive in this plague-ridden town.

The Marble Nest is the upcoming DLC expansion, but it is much more than that. The DLC is a cleaned-up version of the game’s pre-release demo and has a self-contained story within it that runs parallel to the events of the core game. Unlike the main stories 12 day timer, you must complete these tasks in 24 hours.

The developers expect there DLC experience to be around 2-3 hours of playtime. It is more lenient on the survival side, giving you time to focus on the problems at hand. Back when this was released, it received criticism for being too easy, this resulting in the punishing survival design found in the full game. In the end, Ice-Pick decided to add difficulty sliders and let the community decide their own difficulty for the game experience.

There is no getting around it even with the slider, this game is hard. Your multitasking skills will have to expand dramatically if you are to succeed. As you continue to dig for a cure or simply fight for survival, your own body is slowly betraying you as the disease progresses.

Loot, murder, mug, steal, barter, beg, trade, or simply give up. The choice is yours. Be warned that combat is not glorified in this game. Fights are short, ungraceful vicious encounters that do not always end in a body count. Everyone is trying to survive, just like you.

The DLC is coming to Steam on October 28. This will be free to anyone who has the main game in their library before that date. After its release, it will be sold for $10 to anyone else who wants this unique experience.