Obsidian Entertainment Confirms The Outer Worlds Coming To The Switch, Although No Official Release Date Has Been Given

Obsidian Entertainment Confirms The Outer Worlds Coming To The Switch, Although No Official Release Date Has Been Given
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

The Outer Worlds has now been out for a couple of days. This latest project from Obsidian Entertainment built up a lot of buzz for its expansive design, beautiful world-building, and interesting alien life. Thus far, people seem to be liking everything Obsidian was able to achieve.

Unfortunately, Switch users haven’t been able to experience what PC, Xbox One, and PS4 gamers have. That isn’t going to last forever, though. The studio has made it public that this action-adventure RPG is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch, which is one of the most popular consoles right now.

According to Matthew Singh, the senior producer of this game, the Virtuos studio is helping The Outer Worlds get ported over to the Switch. They have a history of helping developers make the transition to the Switch, which is a bit different because of its hybrid design. Given that they have prior experience porting games over to this console, it could mean a release not too long from now.

There isn’t an official release date for the Switch, but if things go according to plan with the other platforms, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a release here in a couple of months. Right now, Obsidian is doing everything they can to make this game as good as it can be — including the addition of patches.

For many, though, The Outer Worlds is already hitting all of the right notes for an RPG of this caliber. There are just so many worlds to explore in this game. You’re a space explorer representing the Halcyon colony, which is in jeopardy of total collapse.

It will be up to you to figure out what conspiracies are at play. As you delve deep into the story, there are amazing NPCs you’ll come in contact with. That’s been a huge element missing from Bethesda’s Fallout 76. It seems like Obsidian wanted to make a point of making gamers care about the characters they meet along their journeys.

For many, The Outer Worlds is everything that Fallout 76 promised to be and more. You get to establish meaningful connections that can even lead to NPCs joining your crew. It’s these meaningful moments that draw gamers in and make them want to discover more of what’s possible.

Being able to experience all of this on the Switch — especially with its portable screen — is a true treat to contemplate. Hopefully, it’s not much longer for Switch users.