New Super Lucky’s Tale Is Available For Pre-Purchase, A Bonus Space Suit Costume Included On The Switch eShop

New Super Lucky’s Tale Is Available For Pre-Purchase, A Bonus Space Suit Costume Included On The Switch eShop
Credit: Nintendo via Youtube

New Super Lucky’s Tale is coming to Nintendo Switch next month. This 3D platformer has had a long life on the Oculus Rift back i 2016, and then Xbox One and PC in 2017. The game is now making a third launch taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s abilities. If you pre-purchase the game ahead of its release on November 8, you will receive an exclusive spacesuit costume.

The game will require you to have 7.6GB of free space. This is a large file, but the game is worth it, so be sure to clear some space or expand your mystery.

The platforming fox is getting a complete rebuild from the foundation up for the Nintendo Switch, Playful is not simply porting as new camera controls, new moves, and redesigned worlds bring a new life to this game. There are even new levels for fans to enjoy in the world.

This game follows the adventures of Lucky, a curious and brave fox who must help his sister protect the Book of Ages. Inside this book exists entire worlds and characters and lives. Jinx, a cat, is trying to steal the book for her evil purpose and is protected by the Kitty Litter, her children. As Lucky travels, he will meet friends and allies along the way who all live inside the Book of ages.

Nintendo Life was invited over to Playful’s studio so they could show off some of the new content they have been working on. One was a new level called Ripe Rollers, which is a 2D level with a fruit farm theme. There are tons of collectibles and challenging platforming puzzles to be found as well as a beautiful demonstration of how graphically pleasing the world is.

Although this game has not been super successful in the reviews, it seems that developer Playful is trying to improve upon their build. With the new levels and camera controls, it is obvious that the developer hopes to fix everything that was not liked by fans.

This game is truly trying to change the experience and bring forward even more life into platformer games. After a decline in production, games of this style were slowly disappearing. It is nice to see a revival in this genre, especially when they hold the childish charm that made Banjo-Kazooie and such a great experience. New Super Lucky’s Tale holds onto this and continues to drive the genre forward into new grounds.

It is worth it to take another look at this game as it experiences a revival on the Nintendo Switch. The game comes out on Nov 8 for $39.99 and is available for pre-purchase right now.