Nintendo Looks Back At The Past Decade In Twitter Infographic

Nintendo Looks Back At The Past Decade In Twitter Infographic
Credit: Nintendo Switch Website

Over the past decade, there have been significant games in gaming. New consoles were released and discontinued, while new elements like VR are now making a more significant impact in gaming.

Nintendo’s consoles and games have long been a part of gamers’ hearts across multiple decades. Players across the globe have enjoyed their library of games across generations.

In a recent Twitter post, Nintendo of America shared their highlights over the past decade. The infographic spots the release of several games and consoles plus asks players about their favorite moments.

Starting with 2011, Nintendo released its 3DS handheld, which later led to the 2DS release in 2013 and a larger version, the 3DS XL, in 2015.

In 2014, Amiibo was released, which were tiny statues of popular characters. Players could use Amiibo accessories, and later directly on the 3DS XL, to bring these characters to life in supported games.

In 2012, the Wii U was born, which was meant to be the successor to the Wii. It was the first Nintendo console that supported HD, and games could be played on the GamePad or a larger screen. The production also ended within the same decade, in 2017.

Starting in 2016, other smaller versions of past consoles were released. The NES Classic Edition was released in 2016 was quickly hard-to-find in stores. One year later, the Super Nintendo Class Edition was released.

2016 also saw the release of Pokémon Go, an AR game available on mobile devices. The app encourages players to leave their homes and discover Pokémon around their communities. Pokémon Go continues to update years later, including the announcement of “Buddy Adventure,” which brings Pokémon and trainers closer.

One of the major releases was the Nintendo Switch in 2017, which had gamers searching for the handheld for months, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Nintendo Labo was later released as an accessory to the Switch. Gamers could use various cardboard pieces to create accessories to enjoy the game. To get players plus their family and friends more active, Ring Fit Adventures was released with ring and leg strap accessories.

Nintendo also featured various popular titles that were announced in the past decade. The titles include Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Awakening, and more.

The infographic shows the highlights of the past ten years, but Nintendo has its sights on the next decade. Nintendo already has big plans for 2020, including the release of the highly anticipated title Animal Crossing: New Horizons.