New Mod Changes Valve Corporation’s Half-Life As A Top-Down Shooter Game

New Mod Changes Valve Corporation’s Half-Life As A Top-Down Shooter Game
Credit: MusicManTrailers x via YouTube

Those who have been wondering what Gordon Freeman’s head looks on top may now rest in peace. Players of Valve Corporation’s first-person shooter game, Half-Life, can now see it using the Half-Life: Top-Down mod. This mod transforms the game into a top-down shooter.

Not only that, but it also includes a lot of options for camera customization.

Those who are interested to see what the game looks like when the mod is installed may watch this video. It seems similar to Enter the Gungeon and Hotline Miami, but just with Half-Life’s gunplay, mechanics, and level.

According to the mod’s creator, the original inspiration for the mod came from the Quarter Fraction game.

As seen on the video, the mod’s default settings make the overhead camera stick to the ceiling. This means that when the ceiling is really low, the camera also gets too close to the player.

The problem with this is that this makes enemies hard to detect and the view can be a bit claustrophobic.

Additionally, when the ceiling includes some details on it, the camera will have to adjust. So there will be some irritating camera movements while it happens. Instead of keeping the camera in-bounds, some options can be adjusted.

The mod includes an easy fix for this with the various options and customization made available.

Players will be able to set the height of their camera manually. This will provide a fixed view and makes the game look much more like the other conventional top-down shooter games.

The downside is that this would also hide the players when they pass by a low ceiling. But all enemies will be seen much easier. In addition to that, however, is that it will also show all features and places out of bounds.

Furthermore, it will be represented in a bright red tone which can be a bit annoying. As replied by the creator on one of the comments, a solution is already on the works for it.

The bright red color of the void is out of their bounds. But they plan on adding a big object combined with a texture for this.

The mod also features some changes to the auto-aim. This tweaks will help since players won’t be able to aim higher or lower when shooting enemies.

Additionally, it will help in interacting with different objects even without looking at them.

The creator warned the players that the mod might not entirely work on the whole game. It can be expected since Half-Life was never developed to work as a top-down shooter.

But if it does, then it’ll a big surprise to everyone and a source for amusement. There are already some bugs reported by one player, and the creator is already working on fixing them.

Those who wish to play Half-Life as a top-down shooter may download the mod on ModDB.