New DLC For Euro Truck Simulator 2 Comes Out In December; A New Trailer Is Available Now

New DLC For Euro Truck Simulator 2 Comes Out In December; A New Trailer Is Available Now
Credit: SCS Software via YouTube

Truck simulators are pretty popular today. They let gamers live out their trucking fantasies in a safe, controlled environment. One of the better games in this space is Euro Truck Simulator 2, which came out back in 2012. The game still has a huge fanbase that seems to grow every couple of months.

SCS Software knew exactly how to capture the imagination of gamers looking to complete long treks across the European continent. They’re currently getting ready for some new DLC content called Road to the Black Sea, which releases in December. To celebrate this new content, they just put out a trailer. It gives fans a snippet of the grand adventures that await.

A lot of the environments are shown in great detail. They are quite varied, from crowded streets to open mountain fields. Fans are in for a treat no matter what routes they decide to take as they brave elements and various road conditions to complete their haul safely across some beautiful European countries.

The trailer also shows the shift between day-time and night-time driving. It just goes to show how detailed this game is. There’s something so peaceful about driving at night when everything is pretty much at a still. Contrasting this more peaceful driving is the day-time rush of traffic. There’s plenty of variety to keep you actively engaged for hours. Who knew such a simple concept could be this much fun?

There are a lot of new updates coming with this December DLC, too. For instance, you’ll be able to explore new roads in Bulgaria and Romania. There’s a lot of appeal traveling across Europe in a semi-truck, especially if you haven’t visited these regions before. Sure, you may not be able to see them in real-life, but the next best thing is seeing them in Euro Truck Simulator 2. It’s as if you’re actually there, seeing these grand sights behind the wheel of a big rig.

Around every turn, a famous landmark could be waiting. You’ll be able to take all of these great sights in from different perspectives, including first-person and third-person. It’s completely up to you. Also included in this upcoming DLC are local AI trains, trams, and traffic cars. These details should just immerse you in this game even more.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out this truck simulator, this new DLC is certainly worth the bargain. You’re in store for some realistic and memorable drives across Europe.