New Content Coming To Pokemon Masters Including Some New Linked Pairs Fresh From Alola And Pokemon Red/Blue

New Content Coming To Pokemon Masters Including Some New Linked Pairs Fresh From Alola And Pokemon Red/Blue
Credit: The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Masters impressed fans when it released by being a very enjoyable Pokemon experience on mobile devices. Rather than simply watering the game down, it offers a unique spin on the classic combat action found in the Pokemon franchise. New content continues to roll out at a steady pace from DeNA Co. and the Pokemon Company for both Android and iOS devices.

Every time a new sync pair is added to the game, it is big news for the Pokemon Masters community. A new sync pair changes up teams and pushes a new minor story arc for players to enjoy. Ever since Mewtwo’s appearance last month, fans have been waiting for the next legendary to make an appearance.

Straight from Pokemon Red and Blue comes Lance and Dragonite adding a Dragon-type pairing to the arena. Lance is known for being the fourth and final member of the Kanto Elite four, making him the final challenge before having to face Blue. Dragonite is is signature Pokemon as he specializes in Dragon-type Pokemon.

Coming right behind Lance is Cynthia from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. She is paired with Garchomp and takes her place as the second Dragon-type team in this game. In her game, Cynthia meets up with you during multiple parts of the game. She gifts you items, eggs, and appears as the Champion at the Pokemon League.

You can gain these two teams by use of character-specific sync air spotlight scouts. You will find an in-game event titled “Two Champions” running right now until January 21. This event will take you on a journey with these two trainers and is available as long as you have completed chapter four of the main game’s story.

The second legendary to join the game has appeared with an in-game event titled “The Beast That Devours The Sun.” The event is running from now until January 21 and features Solagaleo. Payers will have a chance to pair the main character with Solgaleo, and through the event, they can earn some special items and cool moves for the legendary Pokemon.

There is one more in-game event packed into the end of this update. “The New Year’s Rally” is currently taking place from now until January 21. Players will be awarded up to 7000 gems for logging in and completing special tasks every day throughout the event.

Pokemon Masters is available on Android and iOS devices. The game is free to play but does have some built-in microtransactions. Like any good mobile game, these optional in-game purchases do not impact the player’s ability to enjoy the experience and progress throughout the story.