Nerd Street Gamers Announce Online Cheeseadelphia Tournament After Many In-Person Tournaments Have Been Canceled

Nerd Street Gamers Announce Online Cheeseadelphia Tournament After Many In-Person Tournaments Have Been Canceled
Credit: Nerd Street Gamers via YouTube

COVID-19 has taken a toll on everything in the world, and the gaming community hasn’t been any sort of an exception. In fact, the world of esports has been hit incredibly hard, with dozens upon dozens of events having been canceled to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Nerd Street Gamers were hit exceptionally hard as well, as they canceled a high number of their in-person events a matter of days ago, across multiple games. Among these cancelations was the intended Cheeseadelphia tournament, a popular StarCraft event that fans have come to expect.

Thankfully, Cheeseadelphia won’t be kept down. Nerd Street Gamers announced today that they intend to hold another variation of the tournament online – and the qualifiers are coming up fast!

“We’re hosting a FREE $500 online StarCraft 2 tournament with 8 of NA’s best players facing off against 8 players who qualify through one of our three Cheese Qualifiers!” the team announced via Twitter. The three qualifiers are all about a week apart from each other, with anyone who wants to give the tournament a shot eligible to sign up.

Sign up is free as well, so there’s no reason to stay out of the tournament if you think you have what it takes! Players will compete for a chance to play in the Cheeseadelphia tournament, where they might be lucky – or good – enough to bring home $500.

The main Cheeseadelphia Online tournament will take place on April 11th, with qualifiers taking place on March 21st, March 28th, and April 4th. Contestants will play in a single-elimination bracket tournament with the top 4 players qualifying to the main event on April 11th. All matches are Best-of-3, except for the quarter-finals, which will be best-of-5. Each qualifier will be starting at 11:30 AM, EST. A Cheeseadelphia Admin will share the bracket with players at 12:00 pm, with the tournament progressing from there.

All in all, it’s a fantastic time for the community to get in on a wonderful tournament and compete for their chance to gain some fame. If you happen to make it through the qualifiers, you’ll have the chance to go up against some formidable names in the StarCraft community, including Future, Silky, JonSnow, SpeCial, and several more!

Really, it’s a wonderful time to give the esports scene a shot if you’ve been looking to jump in. You have three separate chances to claim a qualifying spot as well. Sign-ups are live on Cheeseadelphia’s website, so get out there and give it your all!